10 Best Free Windows Backup Software

Windows Backup Software are need for anyone using Computers and having a lot of important data. Often due to some technical problems or man made mistakes that may be forced...
10 Best Free Windows Backup Software

Windows Backup Software are need for anyone using Computers and having a lot of important data. Often due to some technical problems or man made mistakes that may be forced errors or unforced errors, we lose certain valuable data that we have stored on hard drives of our computers using Windows as operating system. As an desktop user and well aware of different gadgets and their functionality, we often make many mistakes and one of them is we trust our computers so much that we often forget to take backup of all the data we have stored in it. All other backup files including what we have on SD cards and HDS cards as well from our USB drives is saved on this computer and now due to certain mistakes like formatting hard drive by mistake, physical damage, hardware failure, viruses or many other reasons put us face to face with the threat of data loss. In case if there is such a problem you need not have to worry because technology has advanced brilliantly and you will get many Backup software’s which are intended to prevent you from these threats.

In case if you are looking for some of the best Windows backup software’s as a need or as a precaution we have enlisted some of the best software’s in the market. You can read the features to understand what they have to offer and later chose any one of them or few of them that you think will fulfill all your requirements. Some of these are free to use but few are paid ones too.

Windows Backup Software

1. Amanda Backup

This software should be on a short list of every IT administrator with fast installation, simplified management, enterprise class functionality and low cost subscription you can back up all your data on tape, disk, optical devices and online storage. With easy to use interface and advanced features like Amanda Enterprise Unique intelligent scheduler and point-and-click restore allows you to industry standard data formats to recover your data with or without Amanda Enterprise being installed. You can use Amanda backup for personnel use or for commercial use.

2. Areca Backup

For a descent backup software with simple and clean interface with choice of command line control this is one of the best backup software’s you will find. It has several additional “storage modes” including data block mode, and uses both zip and zip64 for data compression. The main interface is strong point having archive explorer useful to manage, recover and delete archives. It is free software, that you can directly download Areca Backupby clicking here.

3. Cobian Backup

Being a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup files on your computer’s hard drive to other directories or drives or else to other hard drives or on removable storage devices. This has two versions applications and service and is developed to run in background to check you backup schedule and to execute whenever it is necessary. Visit Cobian Backup to download it to enhance your windows backup softwareexperience.

4. Attix5 Online backup

If you are looking for secure automated disk-to-disk backup software for network efficiency, centralized management and policy based control as well with ease for handling the software then you should consider using this. It is highly recommended for users running Windows on desktops, laptops, servers and networks, which are designed to rectify all human errors, and it automatically is upgraded to latest software version during the backup process. Visit and download Attix5 Online Backup to rectify all your future errors.

5. Comodo Backup

This is automatic file recovery and backup program for windows, with straightforward application to create back of critical and important files quickly and easily with duplication of files and folders to local or network drives and FTP servers. Advanced features include incremental backups, email reporting, report logs, real time backups with synchronization and space saving archiving capabilities along with many more such features. You can download Comodo Backup to get rid of all worries of creating back up for critical data.

6. Mozy Backup

Although this provides free and paid services as windows backup software, you can backup only 2GB of data if you are using free services and you have to see their rate card to know more about the additional backup. With easy downloading, installing and setup process you can select the files and folders containing important data and start backing it up within few minutes after installation, this software runs in background you can retrieve you data online or else you can ask a DVD that is shipped you for postage charges. Download the free version of Mozy Backup here, to create backup of all your recent and future files.

7. BackupPC

This is one of the high performing and enterprise grade system for backing up data from your Windows Desktops and laptops to server’s disk with highly configured software and easy to use interface this can be better choice for backup solution. You can download and install Backup PC here. Highly recommended for best windows backup software.

8. GRBackPro

This is professional data server backup software developed to solve all the problems related to data loss, which can be technological or due to forced or unforced man made errors. With this software, you can backup completely hard drive, single file or selected data. This also supports network shares, hard drives, CD, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-RW and all removable storage devices but no tapes. You can download GRBackPro here to create a backup of all your important data.

9. SyncToy

Microsoft has created this free application for synchronizing files and folders between locations, which is best if someone is using multiple computers, laptops or net books to create different types of data that is vital and needs a backup. This application provides access to all the data from different location at one primary location, and at the same time create back up for all the modified data from different locations. Ideal for employees juggling between office and home download SyncToy to create backup of all you important data now.

10. Norton Ghost

One of the best backup software’s that can backup and restore selected data or entire hard drive, with easy user interface you have to chose your backing up preferences or else this software will backup your hard drive on regular basis. There are many advanced features included in this software, which are easy to understand and can be utilized to backup any kind of data on different windows platform. You can download Norton Ghostfor seamless backup of your entire hard drive that is easy to recover.

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