Apple iCloud Review – Pros and Cons

Cloud computing is a popular concept which lifted many a worries like losing your file in a pen drive or missing it in home when it is needed the...
Apple iCloud

Cloud computing is a popular concept which lifted many a worries like losing your file in a pen drive or missing it in home when it is needed the most in an important meeting; and for many other situations like this, cloud computing has brought a stunning solution where you can access all the files in a common server or online without having to depend upon an individual system or a hardware device. Similar concept has been introduced by Apple as iCloud which seamlessly synchronizes all your music in to each and every Apple device that you posses automatically. And it does not stop there; with features like iMessaging, synchronized reminders and many more this service will rob the hearts of many Apple fans around the world.

One of the advantages that this service offers is that once you get iCloud iTunes match service which is available at $25 dollars per anum then you can add any of the songs according to your likes either from your system or from a ripped CD to the iCloud. From here the music can be shared to all other devices instantly and this has come as a huge plus as you need not pay for these tracks once you avail this subscription. Another interesting fact is that this iCloud service is available free of cost for all the Apple devices and hence it is expected to become a big hit regardless of its Pros and Cons.

Such services ought to have some loopholes and iCloud is not an exception as there are looming difficulties which are to be faced by the users once this service is active. Starting from the security to storage many modifications need to be done and once this application or service reaches the market Apple should be fast enough to react to the feedback or else the service will be doomed in a few days time.

Another advantage of this service is that you won’t lose hold of your playlist come what may because once this service is on your devices, meaning each and every Apple device, you can access the playlist and hence there will be no worries if you accidentally delete or your data got lost on one of your device. You can easily re-access the information from the same device or if the device is lost or out completely then you can still access your playlist from other devices that are synced.

But all said and done all is well if you have the cloud around your devices all the time but just think if an internal problem arises and the cloud service experiences a sudden blackout then you will be stranded in nowhere trying to reach out for your favorite tracks only to be stricken back with the prompt showing error in connection. So these are some of the facts that come with a great service like iCloud and only time will tell how successful it will be among the Curious customers.

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