Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD TV Price, Review and Specs

Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD TVs are the best fit for setting up home theater system in your home decor. There are ten models available in this size. We are...
Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD TV

Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD TVs are the best fit for setting up home theater system in your home decor. There are ten models available in this size. We are covering all of them here with price and general specifications. The price starts from Rs. 59,900 and the top model price is Rs. 153,900

1. KLV-40BX400

The 40 (102cm) BX400 Series is simple at its best. All you have to do is turn on the TV to relax, enjoy, and be entertained. Its sleek design and key features make this TV all the more a valued addition to any home.

Price: Rs. 59,900

Full HD 1080
BRAVIA Engine™ 3
Intelligent Picture PLUS
MPEG Noise Reduction
24P True Cinema™
USB Photo/Music/Video

2. KLV-40EX400

Seeing the whole picture is not enough, you love looking at details. With the 40 (102cm) EX400 Series, you are sure to find just that. With this Full High Definition TV, you’re sure not to miss anything on the screen.

Price: Rs. 61,900

3. KLV-40NX500

You value design and love viewing in outstanding style among others. With the 40 (102 cm) NX500 Series, you are sure to have the best of both worlds. Because while it is appreciated for its sleek sophistication, this TV does not fall short of the BRAVIA picture quality promise.

Price: Rs. 63,900

4. KLV-40EX500

Watching TV entertains and gives you thrills as no other activity does. With the 40 (102 cm) EX500 Series, look no further to support this all-important hobby of yours. Packed with the best features, you can simply enjoy the cinemas in the comforts of your home.

Price: Rs. 73,900

5. KLV-40EX500

Imagine opening a window in your wall to view a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. Moving seamlessly between TV and video content. That’s the feeling you get when watching the slim and stylish, well connected 40 (102 cm) EX600.

Price: Rs. 78,900

6. KDL-40EX700

You’re committed to saving the earth and with the 40 (102 cm) EX700 Series, you choose to raise the bar for ECO living. Packed with innovative eco features like the Edge LED backlight technology to reduce power consumption, Presence Sensor & Energy Saving Switch to avoid unnecessary power wastage.

Price: Rs. 83,900

7. KDL-40EX710

The 40 (102 cm) EX710 series is the ideal TV to have around the home. Stunning TV pictures give an amazing Full HD experience. Online entertainment will amuse you for hours.

Price: Rs. 83,900

8. KDL-40NX700

You want something unique and exceptional and this can be seen in the choices you make. Be fully engaged with the 40 (102 cm) NX700 Series. Stunning weather turned on or off, the NX700 Series transforms your space like you never imagined possible before.

Price: Rs. 103,900

9. KDL-40HX800

Start your thrilling exploration into the 3rd dimension with the stunning picture quality & 3D capability of the 40 (102cm) HX800. This stylish TV delivers an exceptionally bright, high contrast image in 2D or 3D (with optional accessories*), smooth action, and easy access to internet video content.

Price: Rs. 123,900

10. KDL-40NX710

Enjoy a complete 3D solution for truly engaging movie experiences right in your living room with Sony’s 3D-capable 40 (102cm) NX710 LCD TV. Features Dynamic Edge LED backlight technology to achieve a high contrast ratio and reduces power consumption to help save money and the environment.

Price: Rs. 153,900

3D Capability (with optional 3D Transmitter and 3D glasses)
Dynamic Edge LED Backlight
Motionflow™ 100Hz with IB Reduction
BRAVIA Internet Video
BRAVIA Internet Widgets
Wi-Fi Integrated

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