Motorola XOOM

  • Motorola Xoom 2

    Motorola Xoom 2 : A better sequel?

    Motorola Xoom had a flawless take off, but soon in mid flight it became inevitable that it was to crash. New tablets popping out everywhere and the existance of the ASUS Transformer and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 750 ruined Xoom’s reign. In the mid crysis of ASUS’ next Transformer...
  • Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM

    Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM – Fight for the Tablet King

    Few days back we compared Apple iPad 1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab to find out the best option in tablet PC. Since Apple iPad 2 is launched few days back and recently Motorola has also come up in the tablet PC market with XOOM running on Android 3 OS. Here we...
  • Motorola XOOM

    Motorola XOOM- Best Ever Powerful Gadget By Motorola

    When it comes to quality and stylish mobile phone, Motorola clicks the mind before any other hand set available today. One more time the new XOOM launched by Motorola has raised the heart beats of its competitor as well. The new Motorola Xoom is motorized by Google’s tablet-optimized android...