Top 10 Best Android Games for Kids

Since the advent of mobile phones, there have been many changes in this hand held device, which was actually invented for 2-way communication. Apart from communication when it was...
Top 10 Best Android Games for Kids

Since the advent of mobile phones, there have been many changes in this hand held device, which was actually invented for 2-way communication. Apart from communication when it was noticed that it could be used for different entertaining activities games were introduced by the company’s manufacturing these handsets. When people and cell phone market enthusiasts found out about the over-whelming response people have given to games, separate game developers started to venture in this business. With different games and integrated technologies, these games became more exciting with quality graphics and quality animations. Today when we speak of mobile phones first thing, which we have to take notice of is about the growing market of android-based mobile phones with almost 250,000 applications available in android market some part of this is also reserved for different games, which are either 3D games, HD games or multiplayer games. Multiplayer games have found a different way of targeting game enthusiasts with availability of 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Many people tend to find some suitable games for their kids and while doing so they search the open android market as well third parties providing such applications. For the convenience, here is a list of top 10 best android games for kids that will provide them some quality entertainment.

1. Alien Invasion

This is a fast game of shooting with canon by directing in left and right directions with the fingers and tapping the screen for shooting. The whole plot is to shoot down the alien’s invaded earth.

2. Chabu-Dai

This is quite funny game where in kids has to throw the breakfast tables as far as they can with the swinging movement of their wrist. Just make sure your kid does not throw your mobile when he performs the action of throwing tables.

3. Ben 10

Best games for kids based on mission to save Omnitrix that are in awe of destroying themselves due to signals spreading through light. Best offline game kids are not able to watch their favorite cartoons.

4. Udder Madness

Very fast-paced game designed to make sure that kids enjoy it thoroughly. This helps in improving their response time when they have to make a cow or goat within 20 seconds by moving their fingers as fast as they can.

5. Micky and Minny

This is a memory game, which has pictures of micky, and minny mouse where they have to match the pictures provided to them. After completion of one picture, another seen with different level will start automatically.

6. Bebbled

With completely redesigned interface and look of the game, the game is not dark anymore and can be played as a single player game and as a multiplayer game. This is good game for kids to keep their nerves in strain.

7. Toss It

This is simple game yet highly addictive to measure throwing perfection of your kids where in they just have to toss a crumpled paper ball in to a wastebasket eliminating the wind produced by fan placed directly behind the bin.

8. Kids Musical Balloons

Kids just love popping balloons, and when they hear different music strings when they pop balloons then it becomes all more exciting. With Nursery rhymes and mini piano kids will enjoy doodling when they play this game.

9. Kids Shape Puzzle Lite

This game is recommended and seems good for preschool-age kids that is educational, and at the same time entertaining. All the disturbed pieces have to be sided back in to position to make a complete image that will help in developing their cognitive and fine motor skills.

10. Match ‘N’ Fun Animals

Specially designed for kids to develop their understanding about different animals and their colors, all they have to do is pick their favorite animal and match the consecutive color. Playing this game is fairly easy and kids will really love this game.

11. Play House for Kids

For hours of fun and entertainment, this is the perfect kid’s game on android platform that contains the bundle of three games Play the Piano in music section. Match game where they have to match animals under seashells and in forest and the last one is Animal sounds, which will make them look, hear and learn the spelling of different animals.

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