Top 5 Apple iPhone and iTouch Apps for Men

While looking out for the greatest iPhone Social Networking Apps, we found some of the best iPhone and iTouch apps for Men and Women. In our earlier post, we have...
Top 5 Apple iPhone and iTouch Apps for Men

While looking out for the greatest iPhone Social Networking Apps, we found some of the best iPhone and iTouch apps for Men and Women. In our earlier post, we have covered some top iPhone apps for Women and today we are covering top 5 apps for Men. These apps are built for Men and I simply love using them.

1: Need for Speed: Shift

This is a great game for any man/boy and is now available on both the iPhone and iPod touch. The game features many different levels and has all the features you could possibly want from it such as the ability to buy and sell cars, tunes them up and change the colour. The game is very nicely designed and will be very familiar to you if you have played any Need for Speed games before. The game play is absolutely fantastic, especially for an iPod/iPhone game. The graphics are stunning and the sound is brilliant, especially if you are listening to the game through headphones. When you are actually playing the game you control the car by tilting your device left and right to steer it and tapping the screen to brake. Although these controls seem a bit weird and unfamiliar at first especially if you are used to playing the Need for Speed games on Playstation or Xbox, you will soon pick them up and it will seem like you couldn’t even play it any other way. There are the usual features we all know from Need for Speed including Nitros and much more. Overall this game is an excellent buy and it costs just a few dollars from the app store.

2: GunApp

We all love playing with toy guns, right? And we all love the classic shooting games we know and love on devices such as the Playstation. Well now there’s GunApp. The idea of GunApp is simple, it is a gun simulator. There are many guns on the app including the Pistol, Minigun and even a tank. The app is just a bit of fun and all you have to do is click on the screen to replicate the sound of the gun. You will have hours of fun pretending to shoot each other with your mates who have this app. I would recommend this app for any gun enthusiasts or anyone just wanting a bit of fun on their iPod or iPhone. The app is totally free and is available from the app store but if you like the app then there is an app called GunApp 3D which features even more guns. This is available for just a couple of dollars and is a great extension to the free version.

3: eBay

EBay is the world’s most well know and popular auction website and what better way is there of spending time than by bargain hunting. We have all loved eBay for years and the fact that you could buy pretty much anything you wanted without leaving your house or even your computer chair. It’s for this reason that I was extremely excited when I heard there was an eBay app available for iPhone and iPod touch. The app is very well designed and is a pleasure to use. The app allows you to login into your account and add items to your watch list, bid on items and much more. I have used this app many times on the train journey to work and have enjoyed the way I can now buy anything I want and I don’t even need to have my laptop with me. The best part of it all is that this app is available completely free of charge from the app store, so why wouldn’t you have it. I would highly recommend that you get this app now and join in with the new mobile shopping sensation.

4: Tube Deluxe

If you live in London then you haven’t got time to be checking the tube map every day looking for the quickest route to your destination. Why would you want to use valuable brain power trying to figure this out when your Smartphone can do it all for you. With this app all you have to do is input your starting position and the destination you require and the app will cleverly figure out the quickest route for you. The app will also give you live updates concerning all of the major lines on the underground and will tell you when there lines are closed, part closed, delayed and more. This app will save you time every single morning on your way to work giving you more time for the things that really matter such as reading the daily newspaper or finished that report from last night. The app also has the option to send push notifications, these are extremely useful and can notify you if any of the lines you require have any problems and ever wake you up earlier so that you have extra time to make it to work. Overall this is a fantastic app and I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives in London or even tourists. It is available for just a few dollars from the app store and will be one of the best apps you ever purchase, I guarantee.

5: Remote

This is a great app that allows you to control your iTunes music library without being at your computer. It works by connecting to your computer and iTunes over your home Wi-Fi network. It will then allow you to browse your music collection on your device and by selecting the artist and/or song you want to listen to it will begin to play music from your computer. This app is very well designed and has a beautiful but simple interface which will take no time at all for you to get the hang of. Personally, I think this app beats buying an apple remote for you Mac as it allows you to browse your entire music collection wherever you are in your house. Can an Apple remote do that? I don’t think so. Once again this app is available free of charge from the app store and if you are a regular iTunes user then this is a must have app for you. So head over to the app store now and get it!

I hope you guys will love these apps and if you want to add more, please comment.

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