10 Gadgets and Technology that will rock 2018

Its the start of new year a new decade too. Last decade has been great for notebooks, mobile technologies and full of new inventions in consumer electronics. We have...
10 Gadgets and Technology that will rock 2010

Its the start of new year a new decade too. Last decade has been great for notebooks, mobile technologies and full of new inventions in consumer electronics. We have seen iPod for music, iPhone for awesome mobile computing experience. Today we are covering ten gadgets and technologies that are set to rock in 2018.

1. Apple Tablet PC – Apple has rocked last few years with their mobile technology and mac systems and now they are ready to come up with their latest venture for tablet PC. Apple tablet PC is rumored to be launched in the mid of 2018 and whole world is looking for them to set a new standard like they did with iPhone, iPod and iTouch. If you believe on rumors, the name of their tablet PC will be iSlate.

2. Microsoft Sixth Sense gaming console – Microsoft next release of XBox 360 will come with motion sensing gaming technology and without the need of a controller as they have mentioned in their much-hyped project Natal with support for HD and high processing speed.

3. Apple iPhone 4.0 – Next version of iPhone will come with significant upgrades and we assume it to be equipped with 5 MP camera and so many new functionalities.

4. Samsung CL80 Digicam – We are used to digital cameras and then share images with computer but this digicam will be using Wi-Fi technology to upload pictures to social networking sites directly. The camera will have a bigger 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 14 MP lens and gives feedback also when you hit a button.

5. ASUS Eee Keyboard – Keyboard with operating system, ASUS is working to bring this in reality and this keyboard will be a self computer with OS, hard drive and RAM. Just plug it to a display monitor for full computing experience.

6. Nexus One – Google Nexus One has just been released but yet to arrive in Indian market. It runs on Google’s popular mobile operating system Android with features like large touchscreen, powerful camera, storage space and high processing speed.

7. Google’ Chrome for Netbooks – Google Chrome Operating System is set to become the preferred OS for netbooks as it will run applications on the Web rather than the system and boot up quite fast.

8. Halo Latest Version – Microsoft next release of Halo is promised to have super graphics, a great story line and non-sop action. Game freaks are waiting for the latest release.

9. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – Four inch touchscreen display with 8.1 MP camera and full of applications running on Android.

10. Microsoft Mobile OS – We are expecting the new release to come this year with multi-touch support and competitive features. It should have interface like iPhone and functionalities like Symbian S60.

All the above mentioned gadgets and technologies are on the news from a long time and we expect them to hit the market this year. We will provide further updates as soon as we get more details about them. Do you think that we missed something that should be here in the list ? If yes, please add a comment or send us a mail and we would love to provide more details about them.

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