Top 5 Gadgets for Kids

While the range of gadgets for adults is ever expanding, parents should not overlook the array of gadgets available for their children: VTech InnoTab – For Children Aged Four...
Top 5 Gadgets for Kids

While the range of gadgets for adults is ever expanding, parents should not overlook the array of gadgets available for their children:

VTech InnoTab – For Children Aged Four to Nine Years
The InnoTab is a touchscreen, multi-media learning handheld device that combines educational games with creative activities. The gadget can be connected up to the internet, enabling parents to download additional learning apps.

VTech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera – For Children Aged Over Three Years
This 2-megapixel camera, featuring a twisting lens, 4x digital zoom and built-in flash, is perfect for budding photographers. The camera, which is available in pink and blue, is able to store over 500 photos and features five built-in games for added amusement.

LeapFrog My Own Laptop – For Children Aged 24 Months to Four Years
This ‘laptop’ for children offers pretend computer play. Children can use the computer to download songs and receive emails with the help of their parents. The laptop also enables children to explore the alphabet and become computer literate.

Vivitar DVR 538 Camcorder – For Children Aged Six Years and Over
This stylish compact camcorder makes it easy for your children to create their own action-packed videos. The camcorder is available in a range of bright colours and features a sharp 2.4-inch LCD screen and built-in microphone and speaker system.

Panasonic Viera TX-L19E3 LED TV with Built-In Freeview HD – For Teens
This 19 inch digital TV is perfect for use in the bedrooms of teenage children. The TV is equipped with an SD card slot, which allows teens to see pictures from their camera on their TV, and features a special mode for gamers.

Most-Loved Types of Kids’ Gadgets
The best gadgets for kids are ones that match their age, abilities and personality. Children will quickly become bored with toys that fail to challenge them and stimulate their mind, yet they will also grow disinterested in toys that are too challenging. Children aged one to three years will love gadgets that enable them to imitate their parents. Toy laptops and mobile phones are ideal for this purpose. Children aged three to five years tend to be fascinated by the way in which things work. Gadgets such as handheld games consoles and child-friendly laptops are perfect for this purpose. Kids aged five to nine years love toys that enable them to feel independent. Electronic toys, such as handheld multi-media learning devices, enable kids to learn specific skills. Pre-teens will require gadgets that refine their social and intellectual skills, such as multi-media devices, cameras and video cameras, while teenagers desire gadgets that grant them independence, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital TVs and laptops.

Where to Buy Kids’ Gadgets
Kids’ gadgets can be purchased at specialist toyshops, large supermarkets and online, with discounts often being found online. If you wish to purchase gadgets at a bricks and mortar store, you may be have the opportunity to try out the toys before you buy. This will enable you to determine whether or not they are suitable for your child’s needs. If you are choosing battery-operated gadgets, do not forget to buy batteries at the time of purchase.

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