8 Games Like Subway Surfers: You Must Play

Subway Surfers is a popular smartphone game. If you possess one, you’ve heard of it. A teen was running for his life on that subway when he was chased...
Games Like Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a popular smartphone game. If you possess one, you’ve heard of it. A teen was running for his life on that subway when he was chased by an inspector and his loyal but scary dog.

There are various reasons why people like these games so much. You can play some of the levels or finish all of the activities. You can perform this endless runner game within a while or as short a moment as you desire. Although if you still need to complete every one of the game’s goals, it’s okay to still have enjoyment with it. Lastly, there isn’t much competition, so players are comfortable with any approach they take. But you might get sick if you’ve played it for a while. So, here have been 8 of the best games, the same as Subway Surfers, that you can play on Android:


1. Sonic Dash

On the contrary hand, Temple Run is not at the forefront of our choices for a simple purpose. It tells you how important anything is. Except for Temple Run, Sonic Dash is a fun game, such as Subway Surfers, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hardlight made a game that is comparable to Subway Surfers in a lot of ways. Sonic has to get through each dimension of the game’s many stages by accumulating rings and detecting obstacles and enemies. Even before you jump or slip down, the camera moves around a lot, offering you a better sight of your environment, which is made in stunning 3D. There’s a good variety of tunes to keep the proceedings interesting, and the visual effects are nice.

In contrast, Sonic isn’t always being chased. You can play as other personalities at greater levels, like Subway Surfers. You can improve your power-ups and buy more boosters with in-app items purchased.

2. Temple Run 2

If you’re going to look for a daily battle, you can find it over here. The most famous mobile games are Subway Surfers and Temple Run. We’ll be using this correlation instead, merely to be secure. Temple Run offers the more significant of the two preseason games with no end to the running. As a Guerrilla chases you, jump over obstacles and avoid falling off the edge. The game by Imangi Studios, which has already been installed more than a billion times, has a story that lets you unlock more and more personalities. In underground mining carts and ziplining, you have to run and jump over and under things in the area.

Rather than simply tapping the display, you can move the characters laterally by adjusting the phone. The game is much better than its rivals and copies. It’s safe to say that many games have tried to copy this one.

3. Zombie Highway 2

Another game where you must navigate a vehicle down a roadway and resist zombies for as long as possible. You won’t be managing a human player. Rather than that, you’ll be in charge of a car that zombies would like to knock over. The player is much more likely to keep trying to play but instead earn more cash the harder it becomes for zombies to flip a better truck. You can use guns, explosive devices, and other weapons.

As you move through another game, the zombies receive stronger and more numerous, making it harder to kill them. Save one’s ammo for later phases when you require it the most.

4. Jetpack Joyride

This game is enjoyable, despite being markedly different than Subway Surfers in the plot. Halfbrick Studios fabricated the character of Barry Steakfries, an action hero who takes a modern jetpack from a top-secret military research facility. Barry faces numerous dangers on his way to the finish line, including missiles, laser beams, and zappers. The amazing game is so enjoyable that you won’t like putting it down.

5. Into The Dead

Even though the game is not like Subway Surfers, that’s still fun. One such place is not like anywhere else. This app is free, but you can buy things inside the app. It’s entertaining to glance at the scary pictures. You can grab weapons from the flanks as you run for your daily existence.

The game is a would-have-to for smartphones. PikPok made it. Even now, the simplest tournaments can have fun gameplay that pulls you in. But there is one problem: players can only point their guns at zombies across from them. This means zombies on the sides can start firing you inside the back when they want to.

6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

A player must take charge of Carl, Dave, or Jerry to win Minion of the Year. Players are rewarded with bananas by participating in insanely challenging yet delightfully fast-paced challenges. A minion with amazing power, on the other hand, can get past barriers and boss attacks.

The game has a lot of different ways to play, like constrained races, distinctive missions, and global events. Despicable Me: The Game was made by Gameloft because of the movie. Fans, including both Minions and runner games, will enjoy this game.

7. Rail Rush

This game was probably inspired by Temple Run’s underground mining cart, which either puts the player inside the role of Bob Molenchaser and tends to take the others on an incredible journey forward through mines. It would help if you remained alive inside the mines, where there are dangerous things like hot water from a volcano. Grab gemstones and diamonds from broken paths as you tilt, stitch, and obstacle avoidance.

When your hero finishes one task, yet another is ready for him. The above running game has more tasks than other games, making it harder to finish. To experience this game, you only need to be able to focus and move your mind quickly. Players can change their characters’ looks and give them things differently to keep them interesting.

8. Agent Dash

In this game, visitors play as secret agents who have to run across enemy lines, killing enemies and avoiding traps. In contrast to Subway Surfers and Temple Run, the narrator has bullets that he can use to start firing at various ranges. You can use your gems to buy different characters and items as you progress throughout the game. This is the one for you if you want a tougher game than Subway Surfers.

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