Lenovo IdeaPad U410 review

Lenovo’s U410 is an Ultra book segment laptop. The U410 has ‘Ivy Bridge‘the latest from Intel. In addition to the ‘Ivy Bridge’ there is also the GeForce 610M Nvidia graphics...
Lenovo IdeaPad U410

Lenovo’s U410 is an Ultra book segment laptop. The U410 has ‘Ivy Bridge‘the latest from Intel. In addition to the ‘Ivy Bridge’ there is also the GeForce 610M Nvidia graphics for additional capabilities. The IdeaPad U410 is 21mm and is 1.85kg. The U410’s body is built using multiple elements and is strongly built. The U410 the Intel core 3217U i3 version is a CPU with an ultra low voltage of 7Watts that runs at a low 1.8GHz. Hyper Threading is used to divide its duel core into four prominent sections and the Intel Turbo Boost is not supported by the i3 core processer.

The Core i3 Intel processer also provides graphics, as it is Ivy Bridge, Intel’s HD 4000 graphics is available. These specifications match the i5 Core processer which has a 1050MHz high frequency and similar low power modes. In addition to the GeForce 610M Nvidia graphics of Nvidia’s Optimus technology there is a 48 CUDA core Direct X 11 Graphic chip which adds on to the Intel processer. Now this configuration is every gamers dream. M8 5,400rpm 500GB Seagate Momentus hard disk takes care of primary storage.  In addition to the 500GB there is another 32GB solid state disk of Samsung 830 series, this takes care of the caching for the mechanical hard disk to preserve power and backup.

There is no Optical drive provided. The thick outer case has its advantages for expansion ports; the left side of the U410 has two USB ports and a combined microphone and headphone port. On the right you have 2 USB ports and a memory card slot (SD). There is also a HDMI (full size) and a Ethernet Gigabit port. An adapter is not required to connect the U410 to a HDTV or any wired networks. For Wi-Fi the 802.11b/g/n is used and Intel’s WiDi is provided to connect the laptop to a TV without a wire. Bluetooth technology is available for all U410 models expect for one U410 model.

The Chiclet keyboard comes in black and is in contrast to the brushed metal look of the U410’s inner body case. The keys are similar like any other Lenovo Laptop and are comfortable to type on. The track pad is very similar to that of a Mac Book, in function and size. There is a designated button for Windows as this is a Windows operating system. There are other gestures for multi touch purposes. The screen is a bit larger and wider than other Ultra Books of the same category. The U410 boasts a 14” screen to other Ultra books that have 13.3” screens. Lenovo could have employed a much higher screen resolution than the 1,366 x 768 which is common and slightly outdated. The colors are deep and vibrant and viewing angles are not so good when compared with other laptops of the same category.

The U410 is available in three different colors metal gray, blue and red. When compared with other laptops the U410 has constantly preformed under slow clock speeds. U410 scores full marks for graphics than other laptops with similar configurations and qualifies for the 3D Mark 11 Feature Mark bench mark performance. Battery life is very good and gives close to 220 working minutes which is pretty impressive. The U410 is priced at $800 which is considered very low for this configuration.  This Ultra book  is certainly a good buy.

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