The Ultimate Guide to Wall-Mounting Your PS5

Looking to save space and uniquely display your PS5? Mounting your PS5 to the wall is a great option to consider. Not only does it give your gaming setup...

Looking to save space and uniquely display your PS5? Mounting your PS5 to the wall is a great option to consider. Not only does it give your gaming setup a sleek and modern look, but it also helps free up space and keep your console safe from accidental damage. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps and benefits of mounting your PS5 to the wall, as well as provide some tips for a successful installation. Whether you have the PS5 Disc or PS5 Digital Edition, wall mounting is a practical and stylish solution for showcasing your gaming console.


Understanding the Basics of Wall-Mounting Your PS5

Wall-mounting your PS5 can be a convenient and space-saving solution for enthusiasts looking to optimize their gaming setup. This section outlines the benefits, space requirements, ventilation needs, and tools and materials needed for this task.

The Benefits of Wall-Mounting

Wall-mounting your PS5 not only enhances the aesthetics of your gaming area but also provides practical advantages. By elevating the console, you can free up valuable floor or shelf space, reducing clutter and making the room appear more organized. Additionally, a wall-mounted PS5 can be positioned at eye level for ergonomic gameplay, offering an immersive experience without the constraints of traditional setups.

Office Boardroom Interior Design Space Requirements and Ventilation Needs

Before proceeding with the wall-mounting process, it is essential to consider the spatial and ventilation requirements. Ensure that the chosen wall can accommodate the dimensions of the PS5 and allow for ample airflow to prevent overheating. Adequate ventilation is crucial to maintain the optimal performance and longevity of the console. Seek a well-ventilated area and avoid enclosing the PS5 within tight spaces to facilitate the dissipation of heat generated during gameplay sessions.

Tools and Materials Needed for the Job

To successfully mount your PS5, gather the necessary tools and materials, including a stud finder, wall-mounting bracket, screws, screwdriver, level, and measuring tape. These items are essential for securely affixing the console to the wall and ensuring its stability during use. Prioritize the use of high-quality mounting hardware to guarantee the safety and security of your PS5 installation.

Photo Of Woman Playing Game ConsoleChoosing the Right Wall Mount for Your PS5

Before mounting your PS5 on the wall, it is crucial to choose the right wall mount to ensure the safety and security of your console. Official PlayStation wall mounts and third-party options are available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Official PlayStation Wall Mounts vs. Third-Party Options

Official PlayStation wall mounts are specifically designed and tested by Sony to ensure a perfect fit for the PS5 console. These mounts may offer seamless integration with the console and provide a high level of assurance in terms of quality and compatibility.

On the other hand, third-party options come from various manufacturers, offering a wide range of design choices and features. Third-party mounts often provide competitive pricing and may offer additional features that cater to specific user preferences.

Black Microsoft Xbox Game Controller Key Features to Look for in a PS5 Wall Mount

When selecting a wall mount for your PS5, consider the following key features to ensure the best fit for your needs:

1. Locking Mechanism: Look for a wall mount with a secure locking mechanism to hold the PlayStation firmly in place. Different mounts offer various locking methods, such as screws or adhesive-based solutions.

2. Size (inches): Consider the dimensions of the wall mount to accommodate the PS5 console and any additional accessories you may want to store alongside it. Whether it’s controllers or other peripherals, having enough space on the mount is essential.

3. Type of Installation: Evaluate the installation type offered by the wall mount. Whether it’s a drilled screw-in method or an adhesive-based installation, choose a method that aligns with your preferences and wall surface requirements.

By considering these features, you can make an informed decision when selecting the ideal wall mount for your PS5.

Preparing to Mount Your PS5

Before mounting your PS5 to the wall, it’s crucial to prepare properly. This involves selecting the ideal location, considering safety measures, and marking the drill points.

Selecting the Ideal Location

Choose a location for your PS5 that is well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Ensure easy access to power outlets and consider the proximity of your gaming setup for comfortable gameplay.

Safety Measures Before You Start

Prior to mounting, consider the weight-bearing capacity of the chosen wall and use appropriate mounting hardware. Also, check for any electrical wiring or plumbing within the wall to avoid accidental damage during installation.

Marking the Drill Points

Using a level, mark the designated drill points on the wall to ensure accurate alignment for the mounting brackets. Double-check the measurements before drilling to guarantee a secure and level mounting for your PS5.

PS5 Gaming Setup

Step-by-Step Guide to Wall-Mounting Your PS5

Wall-mounting your PS5 can be a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing solution. Here’s how to do it:

Drilling Holes and Installing Wall Anchors

Start by marking the drill points on the wall where you want to mount the PS5. Use a level to ensure the holes are straight and even. Then, carefully drill the holes using a drill bit appropriate for your wall type (e.g., concrete or drywall). After drilling, insert wall anchors into the holes to provide sturdy support for the mounting bracket.

Drilling HolesAttaching the Mounting Bracket to the Wall

Secure the mounting bracket to the wall by aligning it with the installed wall anchors. Use appropriate screws and a screwdriver to firmly attach the bracket. Ensure the bracket is level and securely fixed to the wall to support the weight of the PS5.

Securing Your PS5 onto the Wall Mount

Carefully place your PS5 onto the mounted bracket, ensuring it fits snugly and securely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for securing the PS5 to the bracket, which may involve using screws or other securing mechanisms. Verify that the PS5 is stable and properly positioned on the wall mount before releasing it.

Cable Management and Aesthetic Considerations

Cable management is a crucial aspect when wall-mounting your PS5. It not only ensures a clean aesthetic but also enhances the functionality of your setup. Here’s how to effectively manage your cables and enhance the visual appeal of your wall-mounted PS5.

Hiding Cables for a Clean Look

Efficiently hiding cables is essential for achieving a seamless and tidy appearance. Start by carefully concealing the power cable and HDMI wires behind the PS5 to minimize their visibility. Utilize cable raceways to discreetly route the cables along the wall, keeping them organized and out of sight. Additionally, consider using cable clips or cord covers to further conceal the wires and maintain a streamlined aesthetic.

Cable ManagementAccessorizing Your Wall-Mounted PS5 Setup

Accessorizing your wall-mounted PS5 can elevate its visual appeal. Incorporate LED light strips behind the console to add a touch of ambience and create a futuristic look. Additionally, consider wall-mounted shelves or storage units to display gaming accessories, controllers, or collectables, complementing the overall aesthetic while keeping everything within easy reach.

By expertly managing cables and incorporating aesthetic enhancements, you can transform your wall-mounted PS5 into a stunning focal point in your gaming space.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Routine Checks and Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your mounted PS5 ensures optimal performance and longevity. Start by conducting routine checks to ensure the console is securely attached to the wall mount. Inspect the mounting brackets, screws, and overall stability of the setup. Additionally, perform periodic cleaning to prevent dust buildup. Gently wipe the exterior of the PS5 with a microfiber cloth and use compressed air to remove any dust from the vents and ports. This simple upkeep can help prevent overheating and maintain the aesthetics of your gaming area.

Routine Checks and Cleaning What to Do if Your PS5 Gets Detached

If your PS5 becomes detached from the wall mount, remain calm and take immediate action to prevent any potential damage. Start by safely disconnecting any cables and power sources to avoid strain on the console. Inspect the mount and assess if there are any damages or faulty components. If the issue is related to the mount, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for reinstallation or seek professional assistance if needed. After reattaching the PS5, perform a thorough inspection to ensure there is no damage to the console itself before resuming gameplay.

This routine maintenance and troubleshooting process will keep your wall-mounted PS5 in optimal condition, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

For more information on troubleshooting and maintenance, refer to the official PlayStation support page.


Mounting your PS5 to the wall with the HIDEit PS5 Mount is a simple and effective way to free up space and give your gaming setup a modern, organized look. With its innovative design, heavy-gauge steel construction, and secure mounting mechanism, this mount ensures that your PS5 is safely and securely installed without obstructing any vents or ports. Whether you have the PS5 Disc or PS5 Digital Edition, this mount is compatible with both. Plus, with the option to mount it on either the left or right side of your TV, you have the flexibility to choose the best placement for your gaming setup. Make the most of your space and give your PS5 a sleek, floating appearance with the HIDEit PS5 Mount.

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