Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Samsung Upped Its Game!

Apple is the famous as the largest company in the world right now, but Samsung is not holding back. The South Korean technology giant is one of the leading...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Apple is the famous as the largest company in the world right now, but Samsung is not holding back. The South Korean technology giant is one of the leading brands trusted by a countless number of electronics user across the globe. Since the launch of Android OS, Samsung has always come up with exceptional mobile handsets provided with best in class features. Samsung is best known for its two premium smartphone series namely, S Series and Note Series. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone, the Samsung fans believed that finally, the company is not at a point of saturation in the innovation of mobile phone features. This notion was widespread, and people thought nothing new was to come up by Samsung. Proving all the people wrong, Samsung unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at a launch event in New York City.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the devices, which is an S upgrade, which means brand new specifications and a few design changes.

Display and Processor

People love using giant screen devices, and mostly all the brands are now launching giant screen smartphones. The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 arrives with a 6.4-inch giant sized display. But what makes Samsung different from other smartphone manufacturers is the display technology of Samsung. Galaxy Note 9 comes up with quad HD+ super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 516 PPI. It means black looks blackest when the scene on screen is dark. This feature makes the soon realistic and provides clear vision to the eyes while watching movies in the dark. To run such a beautiful smartphone, there must be a powerful processor, and that is the most required aspect of mobile phone technology. Galaxy Note 9 performs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (for the US and China only) and Exynos 9810 (for all other countries). Snapdragon 845 is the recent launch by Qualcomm and it one of the fastest mobile phone processors in the world currently. Exynos 9810 is a Samsung made processor which is flawless in performance and one of the many reasons why S series and Note series are loved worldwide. When the device is so premium, the company must ensure that it does not lag during any kind of operation. Samsung has provided 6GB RAM on Galaxy Note 9, but there is also an 8GB variant available for performance lovers.


Two years back nobody would actually believe if some company claimed to manufacture a smartphone with 1TB storage facility. Reality has changed, Samsung announced that there would be two variants of Galaxy Note 9 based on the storage capacity namely, 128 GB and 512 GB. Both these variants will have external micro SD card support up to 512 GB. Yes, it is now true when one says he has 1TB storage available on his smartphone. This huge memory capacity helps a person store a countless number of documents and songs and obviously media files including videos, photos and whatnot. A smartphone turned the computer, right?


Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is pretty much similar to the S series flagship Galaxy S9. The front portion of the device seems pretty much same, but on the rear, there is a difference. The fingerprint sensor was mounted below the camera on the rear side, but now it is aside from the camera. Layman will say what difference does it actually make? Yes, it makes a difference. Most people when holding a smartphone have their index finger on either side of the camera so now opening locks on a smartphone has become easier than it was. In addition to that now Samsung has provided carbon water cooling to counter the heating issues in its flagship devices. At killerfeatures, one can get a thorough idea about the design of this device.

Brand New S-Pen

Why were the customers attracted to previous Note series devices? The answer is S Pen. Since the beginning of Note series, S pen has been a centre of attraction and a dominant reason to buy a Note device. The S pen which was flawless in every aspect is now provided with Bluetooth. S pen is the beautiful answer to the stylus which is old school. The new S pen has Bluetooth connection feature using which one can control music on his Note device and also click pictures on the Note camera, yay. But what’s best about new S Pen? This, once you remove the S pen the phone unlocks automatically and once you insert it back the phone locks. One can also open different apps by programming the S button on the S Pen. What more? Now you can get 30-minute battery life on S pen by charging is just for 40 seconds. Isn’t that just superb? Indeed.


The S camera is always the perfect capturer for any type of image. Galaxy Note 9 has dual 12 Megapixel camera on the rear and 8MP selfie camera right beside the front earpiece grill. Samsung has stated that there have been software upgrades for the camera to improve the picture quality.

Is that it?

Nope, when the device is a Samsung manufactured there is always more. Galaxy Note 9 has four personal authentication features an iris scanner, facial recognition feature, fingerprint sensor and intelligent scan. The intelligent scan is basically both facial recognition and iris scanning, and it is amazingly fast. The Samsung patented personal assistant Bixby is provided on Galaxy Note 9 which is built with precision and it is surely a competition for other leading personal assistants in the market.

Samsung DeX

Sometimes it happens that you have some urgent work to do on a computer, but you cannot because there is no computer around you. Connect your Galaxy Note 9 to an external display using a DeX cable, and it just transforms your phone into a PC. It is not just a phone, but it is a phone with a built-in PC.

Along with that, Samsung has also ensured that the user gets hindrance free performance due to the battery, and so it has offered a 4000 mAh battery, which can easily last a day and a half. One can check the features of the device at a famous site

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