Recover Your Deleted Files With The Help Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Recover deleted files accidentally is a more frequent need than we think. And for no one is a secret that information is one of the most valuable resources we...
Recover Your Deleted Files With The Help Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Recover deleted files accidentally is a more frequent need than we think. And for no one is a secret that information is one of the most valuable resources we have today. That’s why it’s key to always have it safe, especially when it comes to computers. But, what happens when we accidentally delete some file from the computer? It’s probably happened to you sometime. And at that moment the only thing you think about is to be able to throw the time back.

However, you should know that although it is not possible to change the past, yes you can recover deleted files. Download free data recovery software and recover your deleted files. Some time ago we told you about how to recover deleted files thanks to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. And now we have to talk about a more powerful version: the software for data recovery EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This edition goes beyond the free version offered by the company, which only allows to recover 2 GB of data.

Keys for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free:

Data loss can occur for different reasons and not just accidental erasure. Malwares or virus attacks, or damage to the hard drive due to system failures can also result in the removal of files and partitions from the computer. Then for those cases where having EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free will be very helpful to recover deleted files.

This software has been designed to recover deleted files through the recovery of hard disk data from a desktop computer, a laptop, a server or any other storage media such as USB drives, memory cards, digital camera, etc. It can recover files that are deleted, formatted, lost due to hard disk damage, virus attacks, operating system failures, partition loss, RAW partition, human errors, etc.

The Highlight Of The EaseUS:

This software to recover deleted files is an all-in-one tool that could help you in different ways regardless of the reason for the loss of files. Its free version is limited, but with the professional edition you can recover the amount of data you want. And also, one of the novelties of this version is that you can recover data from the ReFS partition, which is the replacement for NTFS in Windows 10 Pro.

But not only this. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is able to offer a series of very useful solutions. Here is the highlight of this software version to recover deleted files:

  • File recovery by partition: you can recover accidentally deleted or formatted files. You can also fix it in case the loss was caused by disk partition failures, a virus, system restoration, etc.
  • Recover RAW disk: sometimes the format of the files is usually changed to RAW format and the system can not read it. With this software you can recover the files that have been inaccessible.
  • Secure boot media: this is another function of software designed to solve system startup problems when starting file recovery.
  • Preview: it is possible to specify which files you want to recover before carrying out the process. For this a preview is shown.
  • Export and import scan results: allows you to export the scan result with just one click. And when you need it you can import it into the program so that recovery can continue without having to scan the discs again.

Steps To Recover Deleted Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a very intuitive interface, so using it to recover your data is very simple. Before buying it you can download it for free as proof. And after trying it you can decide if you want it or not. This version will allow you to scan your discs, but to recover the information you must buy the software.

If you decide to get hold of it, you should know that its operation has no complications and therefore you can recover deleted files easily and safely. Its installation will take a few minutes and once it has been completed, it will be ready to be used. These are the steps to follow to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Windows computer.

Open the program. The first thing you will do is analyze what storage units are in the computer. Once done this will show you in a window.

Choose which disk you want to scan. You can choose the ones that the system has found or indicate a specific folder through the search tool arranged in the lower part of the window.

Once the disk to be scanned has been selected, the system will start searching for the files. This process could last from a few seconds to several minutes. Everything depends on the size of the unit to be checked. The system will perform a quick scan and immediately after it will begin a deep one to locate more lost files.

When the software has located the lost files, it will show you a list and you can select only those in which you are interested. You can preview them before deciding to recover it. After making the selection, you must check the option ‘Recover’.

Finally it establishes to what folder you want it to be extracted and ready. Remember that for security you should not save it in the same unit where the file was recovered.


As you have seen in the previous section, recovering deleted files with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is extremely simple. Just three steps: start, scan, recover. In addition, the software offers the possibility to select the files, as well as to preview them before moving on. This way you can decide what to recover and what not.

Another advantage of this program to recover deleted files is that you do not need to have previous experience in file recovery or in computing to see results. The interface is so intuitive that it only takes reading. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has an integrated scanning system, a superficial one and a deep one, it is guaranteed – in most cases – the precise location of the searched files.

So if you have lost files on any of your devices or prefer to have a software in advance with which you know you can recover your lost or deleted files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a good option. We liked it for its simplicity and for its efficiency, not only in locating the files but also in the speed with which it does it.

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