10 chrome web store games that you should try

Chrome though still miles behind Firefox and IE if we go by sheer number, it is definitely a new force to reckon with. A brainchild of Google, Chrome is...

Chrome though still miles behind Firefox and IE if we go by sheer number, it is definitely a new force to reckon with. A brainchild of Google, Chrome is making big stride and to keep the momentum going, Google has armed it with loads of games and other freebies. Most of these games are so addictive in nature that you may find it really hard to resist the temptation of getting on your hands on them. To make your task easier, here we are going to list top 10 chrome web store games. Here it goes:

Angry Bird: This is probably the most popular game available in Chrome web store that caught the attention of both the hardcore and casual gamers. The game play is fairly easy. All you need to do is to find out the Chrome balls hidden somewhere in other levels and then get them knocked down with the angry bird. However, you need to survive the angry bird as there are pigs that use to steal their eggs. It requires logic, patience and unleash of  the brute force inside you to vandalize the enemy.

Planets vs Zombies: If you share a love-hate relationship with zombies, you would not mind spending hours on this mindblowing game. This game requires some swift finger actions from the gamers’ behalf as they need to think fast and come up with strategy to thwart zombies attack. You can use almost anything to save the onslaught of zombies attacks that may range from wall-nuts to cherry bombs to peashooters. A fast game requires good attention.

Ibibo Teen Patti: This is an Indian poker game with loads of thrill and excitement stuffed. This is basically a fast three card multi-player game and the graphical quality really makes the cut. The good thing is that you can play this game with almost anyone of your family and there are zillions of options to add twist in them.

Turbo Cricket: If you are one of those folks who cannot think beyond cricket even when they are having great time with their laptop, this game is meant for them. This is a fairly simple game and has taken its inspiration from real life cricket. Just install this game and have a great time.

Ra.One Genesis: This is game which is clearly inspired by the Bollywood movie – Ra.One. Once you are into this, you will play as the lead character ‘G.One’ and your main task is to save the world from the wrath of the Ra.One. You need to find a way to stop the chaos and devastation by using your super power tat includes solidifying electricity and then using it to bring devastation on the enemy.

The Line Game: Though this is not a new game, it has got a whole new dimension in Chrome web store and there are enough challenges to make your feel satisfied at the end of the day. The game play requires you to avoid obstacles as you move through the zigzag allies and fiendish caves to guide your trail of lime.

Flood It: This is a game that requires little brain but a great level of attention. The game requires you to flood the flood board with one particular color. The game starts from the top left corner and then the game needs to be proceeded by making wise selection from the colored balls on the left.

Striker Manager: Be the master of your own football team with Striker Manager, a much popular multiplayer online football game. Here you will have all the authorities like you can maintain or sell a quarry, negotiate TV contracts, sign players and hosts of similar stuffs The good thing is that you will be pitted against other users and not against any automated system and that means, things will not be that much easy.

Spark Chess: Have a thing for chess? You should not miss out on Spark Chess a premier free online free game. This game has all the good qualities that a good game needs to have like great graphics, difficulty levels, auto saves, undo options and many more.

Farmerrama: The name sounds similar right? Just play for a while and you will find many other similarities that will left you guessing. As the name suggests, you will have a farm and you need to cultivate, harvest and grow food and of course the rewards are waiting for you at the end.

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