What are the best Android Apps?

The Android Market is quickly catching up with the App Store is terms of the number of Apps and the range on offer. It’s good news for owners of Android...
best Android Apps

The Android Market is quickly catching up with the App Store is terms of the number of Apps and the range on offer. It’s good news for owners of Android phones as the lack of Apps was what held the operating system and its devices back. Growth in the marketplace has helped developers offer more goods and gadgets for users and help them test the capability of their devices. It can’t be a coincidence that as the Market grows, so too does Android’s influence and market share compared to iOS and Windows Phone.

So for Android users, what are the Apps you should download right now and store in our phone?


Any social network is a must for any smartphone user but while the Android version of Facebook can be a little buggy, The Twitter App works great, in fact even better than the desktop version. Your feed updates to the most recent but it’s easy to tap the screen and click the ones you’ve missed. Search and Connect functions are easier to use and there is little fragmentation. The only criticism is that if you’re stuck at the bottom of the screen it can feel like an age to scroll up, but this is a minor gripe.


Sometimes a new piece of technology comes into your life that just makes it easier. Drop Box is one of those. It saves you having to email pictures and video to all our devices. Simply drop them here and pick them up anywhere. Apple might have made a big song and dance about iCloud, but in truth DropBox were there first, in principle anyway.

Google Translate

If you need to find phrases in different languages quickly and easily then look no further. Admittedly, sometimes the phraseology can be a little bit textbook translation but the App brings 63 languages to your fingertips. You can type or dictate and the translation is done in seconds. All you need is a web connection.

Documents to Go

In addition to DropBox sharing Microsoft documents has never been easier with this nifty App. There is a free version that allows you to see Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile. The full version is £9.99 that allows you to view, edit and create documents, as well as PDF files.

Angry Birds

Everyone needs a game App and the fact that over two million Android users downloaded this in its first day of release suggests this is probably one of the most popular out there. Android users get the game or free, whereas on iOS it is 59p. A great game that integrates movement as well as precision with just enough challenge to keep you addicted. A must for every Android device.

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