10 Gadgets That Keep Your Air Clean

Before the water that you drink and the food that you eat, you need to fill in one-mega need which is very vital for your existence—the air. Taking in...
10 Gadgets That Keep Your Air Clean

Before the water that you drink and the food that you eat, you need to fill in one-mega need which is very vital for your existence—the air. Taking in any kind of air, however, is not sufficient in order for you to live. You must make sure that the air circulating around you is clean, fresh and good for your health. Otherwise, you might be breathing air which is filled with pollutants which can pose a long-term risk to your health.

Before you know it, you’re just one minute away from bidding goodbye to the planet. Here is a list of ten amazing gadgets that can help keep your surrounding air clean:

1. Purifan Ceiling Fan

Ever thought of having an air purifier and a ceiling fan in one? Well, brace yourself because here comes the Purifan Ceiling Fan at your service. This dual purpose gadget provides a breathable airflow throughout the room by circulating clean and filtered air instead of dust and other air pollutants. This works great especially for those suffering from dust allergies. To eliminate odor in the room, charcoal is placed in the fan’s filters, thus, giving the entire room an odor-free ambiance. Purifan Ceiling Fan’s basic package approximately costs $500 and upwards.

2. Antibac2k Magic Ball

The Antibac2k Magic Ball is a spherical gadget which kills unpleasant odors and removes air contaminants. It works by filtering, humidifying, and disinfecting stale air and at the same time, adding fragrance around you. It will first pull in, scrub, and clean the dirty air and after it’s done with its job, it spews back the clean, fresh and fragrant air inside your room. The bonus point is that the Magic Ball puts on an accompanying entertaining light show with its ring of 30 green, blue, and white LEDs. A single Magic Ball is designed to clean the air in rooms of up to about 350-square feet. This costs approximately $216.

3. Andrea Air Purifier

Harvard designers, Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards, came up with an eco-friendly air purifier which makes use of indoor plants to filter air. They named this “Andrea Air Purifier”. Following the natural process of air purification, this gadget works by absorbing toxic gases and filtering them through the leaves and roots of the plants found within. Afterwards, it puffs out the fresh and clean air to your whole wide room.

4. HEPA Air Purifier

One of the most well-known air purifiers in the market today is the HEPA Air Purifier, which reduces home allergens such as dust, pollen, and animal dander and at the same time, eliminates the foul odor circulating around your room. This gadget was first produced by the Atomic Power Commission to capture radioactive dust particles.

5. Mini Aromatherapy Car Oxyfen Bar

Finally, there is an air purifier and air freshener for your car – all in one gadget. The Car Oxyfen Bar works by cleaning the air inside your car, relieving you from possible car sickness. This gadget also has a built-in modern technology which automatically sends out pleasant fragrance with its high and low functions, making it the most ideal air freshener.

6. Pet Purifier

All the while, you thought that air purifiers are only for your rooms and cars? Well, you got it wrong because here comes the Pet Purifier. Yes, for all dog lovers out there, this is the best gift that you can ever give to your pets! This air purifier comes with an air freshener mode, which, when activated, sprays a scent that is meant to induce relaxation in your dog. Imagine that? Your dog is so well-loved by technology nowadays. This pet gadget costs less than $20.

7. Face Mask Purifier

The Face Mask Purifier, which is powered by USB, uses two fans to give your face a continuous stream of clean air. The drawbacks of this purifier, however, are the annoying sounds made by its fans and the fact that you cannot use this outdoors without towing your laptop next to you.

8. Purifier Chair

Word of caution, this is not just your ordinary gaming chair. This chair combines a personal air purifier with touch screen controls and a multi-monitor set-up. Indeed, so techie. Its $40,000 cost, however, can cause a big tornado in your pockets.

9. Manmade Tree – Air Purifier

Because of the air pollution problem in Peru, their people came up with a subtle solution to clean the air by launching the Manmade Tree – Air Purifier. Dubbed as a “Super Tree”, this machine purifies air by using electricity. They say this can clean air of up to 200,000 cubic meters.

10. Breathe Easy

Designer Paul Thomas addressed the decreasing air quality inside the homes and offices, especially in urban areas, by coming up with Breathe Easy, an eco-friendly gadget which generates clean air in your living space or work, regardless of the environment outside. This new system, which is based on the gel nutrient substrate, cultivates toxin-absorbing plants supported by magnetic seals in the upper opening. Moreover, a row of LED lights at the bottom gives a delicate touch to the unique system.

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