10 years old tech-revolution

Its strange but true.2014 makes it 10 years, 10 years for the revolutions of the techno world. This clearly proves that the realm of technology was highly active and...

Its strange but true.2014 makes it 10 years, 10 years for the revolutions of the techno world. This clearly proves that the realm of technology was highly active and more revolutionizing in the year 2004. The new century was born, so did few of the marvelous changes.

Happy 10th Anniversary to iPod,Windows XP and Sony Ericsson


10 Years of  :-

iPod – 10 years and still counting

The creator of iPod might have moved to the next awesome invention ,but the iPod is still the coolest gadget one can possess.Over the years the various versions of the iPod have gotten smaller/larger and more colorful, they’ve lost buttons and gained them, have added cameras, speakers, radio, accelerometers and more. The only thing that hasn’t changed appears to be the enduring popularity of the devices. The evolution of the iPod over these 10 years is simply superb.
Took off with the iPod classic with its unique wheel interface and “1000 songs in your pocket” campaign,moving on to the highly minimized shuffle (the screenless wonder). Then came the trendy nano, the shuffle with a screen (only). And finally nano’s elder brother iTouch.. much more than a music player. All these went through several generations of themselves upgrading themselves to better devices. Right from the 1st year, all throughout these 10 years, the iPod has reached many many millions. To say that the white earphones have satisfied the music needs would be an understatement.

Windows XP – Death bed after 10 years

I know its hard to believe but it has indeed been 10 years since this “wonderOS” started serving us. The best of the best, the versatile, and the most user friendly are words often used to describe the Windows XP. Evergreen used to be one such word but sadly XP is dying. With the vast improvement of Windows 7, XP will soon be a thing of the best.Never the less XP is predicted to be around till 2014. The ease with which one traverses inside this OS is the key to its success. The high compatibility options made it a pleasure for office users. In fact many offices still run only XP as they fear compatibility issues with the servers. Though Windows 7 has an XP mode, it cannot be equaled to the OS itself. Its like traveling in one of those vintage cars… irreplaceable.

Sony Ericsson – RIP

I know this is not a revolution but still…It has been 10 years (wish I could say successful) since Sony merged with Ericsson to showcase its various innovations in the mobile World. It all started with the area specialized phones like the Cybershot and the Walkman series which excelled in photos and music respectively.Then after a bit of ups and downs, Sony Ericsson gave its users the Xperia experience. A pride obtained from nothing else. Phones like X10, Arc, Neo, Play are comfortably placed in our hands to give the ultimate pleasure.But it all ends this year as Sony and Ericsson have decided to break up after 10 years.

So 10 years is a big mark. Some may be dying, some already dead and some at a safe distance from death but they have all given us a good time and made or lives easier and much more fun to live. A salute to these who made our childhood more lively in the past 10 years *salute*.

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