5 Best Smartphones of 2014

People no longer stare in awe at someone using a smartphone; they are now commonplace. In 2014, more smartphones entered the market as more people bought them. However, more...

People no longer stare in awe at someone using a smartphone; they are now commonplace. In 2014, more smartphones entered the market as more people bought them. However, more variety means shoppers must exercise more care, so they can choose the best one. The following smartphones rank at the top of the list for 2014, so start shopping here.


Apple iPhone 4S

Apple ignited the smartphone craze with its insanely popular iPhone. That popularity continued in 2014 with the release of the iPhone 4S. The attractions of this new phone include a dual-core processor and a slew of new features like Siri digital assistant, an 8 megapixel phone and multi-network support. The iPhone 4S attracts shoppers eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest from the industry leader. Now that Apple has signed on with Sprint, the customers of all the top-tier wireless providers now can enjoy the Apple experience. The bad news is Apple still does not offer a 4G phone. Although equipped with Apple’s 960×640 retina display, its 3.5-inch screen seems small compared to many Android mobile phones.

Apple iPhone 4

For most of the year the Apple iPhone 4 was the most recent Apple smartphone, so it was the leading handset for most of the year. Wireless subscribers not on Sprint might consider buying this phone at a discount if they don’t need the new features of the iPhone 4S.

Motorola Atrix

Now owned by Google, Motorola Mobility offers exciting new mobile phones that rank among the top of their market. The Atrix 4G smartphone runs on the Google Android operating system and comes equipped with a dual core CPU, a 4-inch screen, long battery life and powerful multimedia capability. It has a unique docking feature that integrates it with a PC. This phone limits video recording to 720p. Built-in fingerprint recognition makes possible the secure use of the phone without a cumbersome PIN.

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC has a solid reputation for building quality phones that last; Thunderbolt is one of them. This phone has a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and runs on Android. The popular HTC Sense interface helps users navigate their phone’s features with ease. Data connections at 4G speeds help users produce more in less time while mobile. HTC’s brilliant 4.3-inch, high-definition,480 x 800 screen makes movies, videos and other content come alive.

Samsung Infuse

Samsung’s Super AMOLED high definition displays have stunned the mobile world with their high-definition clarity and speedy graphics performance. Infuse customers enjoy great video and blazing 4G speed. Its massive 4.5-inch display is large for a smartphones, so those who want to use the phone for movies, video conferencing or small groups will find it a perfect choice. Infuse can run all day on a single charge thanks to its low-power display and other power-saving features.

LG T-Mobile G2X

The G2x comes with a dual-core processor, 4G and much to love. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra processor, the G2X comes with access to the Tegra Zone. This special repository has games that take advantage of the powerful GPU built into the phone. G2x Also supports DLNA for wireless streaming of multimedia content to any compatible TV.

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