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When you travel, or shop online or are at the stock market trying your luck in making money, one application is a must for you the currency converter. It...

When you travel, or shop online or are at the stock market trying your luck in making money, one application is a must for you the currency converter. It gives you updated global exchange rates; convert more any currency you want instantly as per the current rates. Besides, keep you abreast with the current trends found Forex world, news and updates, ranking and similar tools which can help you decide while you are putting your money in stocks. The article discusses the top currency converters for mobile devices. These top applications will help you to play safe while putting your money in stocks, or while you are traveling away from your country and want to check how much do you have in your account in your currency and so on. The following are the top 5 applications to convert your currency:

1) XE Currency – perfect solution for all: XE can be called as the first choice when it comes to currency application for mobile devices. This app encompasses the best of the finance world in cute little software. It can run smooth over iOS devices, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7 and that too for free. This incredible App runs on a user friendly interface and is competent to convert all the major currencies and avails you currency charts more than 30,000 to refer the historic rates. Also, this app keeps an eye on the world’s currencies and valuable metals and even can work offline by getting the recent exchange rates.

2) Currency – a rational choice: For people who want application with both power and streamline can find Currency as the best choice. This application can compute 100 and more world currencies and is designed to work with 17 different languages. The iOS, webOS and Android based mobile devices can run this App smoothly. It’s a free and great tool if you require any rate instantly.

3) Currency Banknotes – an artsy type: This can be called more of the Artsy type and known to be a godfather among the list of currency convertor Apps. This is the only App which gives you a visual and practical experience while converting any currency. It not only converts the currency rates, but also gives you the chance how the banknote, paper bills of various worlds appears. Therefore what you get is a perfect glimpse of people, art and architecture via the paper bills.

4) Oanda- for high powered users: It is known to encompass the entire finance company in it, a right choice for high powered people. This app is available free generally can be used on iOs, Windows 7, Playbook, BlackBerry and on the Web. This App gives you the buy and sell rates, and covert more than 180 currencies and four precious metals. It’s somewhere like XE. You can use interbank rate or select percentage add on to know the amount your bank is charging you.

5) Google- as currency converter: Google is the last and a comprehensive option for converting any currency of your choice. By simple typing currency converter would give you the right tool for any kind of currency updates and conversion. It’s the most simple tool to operate, and especially vital when you want a couple of data in face pace.

There could be number of time and places where you can be seen stranded for currency updates and conversion. You may be expanding your business from local to international level, or on a business trip in an alien world. At point of time, you certainly need a currency convertor which keeps you abreast with the finance world and helps you compute anything to play safe in the market. The above top five mobile apps can help you yield your desired result pertaining to currency and finance world. Try them out one or all.

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