5 Ways to Differentiate Your Content from Your Competitors

The internet is flooded with content, and you will be surprised to know that more than billions of words are new articles are pouring in daily. You should know...
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The internet is flooded with content, and you will be surprised to know that more than billions of words are new articles are pouring in daily. You should know that with this much amount of content pouring in, it is very obvious that the competition on the web has also increased and today, if you want to compete with the top, ranked websites and want to make yourself different from other websites then you have to follow some exclusive tips. In this resource, we are going to introduce you to the five different ways which can help you in making your content different from your competition!


Five ways that can make your content different!

Here are the top five ways which can be used by a content writer or a website manager to make their content different from their competition. When you are competing against other sites having the same services or products, then you should know that both you and everyone in the competition would be having some kind of content. You must know that this kind of competition can also result in accidental duplication, which is not good for your business!

Use a unique brand voice

You must know that if you want your brand and content to be different from others, then you should have a brand voice. It should be clear to you that if you don’t have your brand voice, then it can result in the worst response from the users on the web, if you don’t want your brand to be dull and worse then you should focus on developing a brand personality which people can look up to. Your brand personality should be a mirror of your values, your culture, your voice, and your services. You can take help from social media tools to make a brand voice and market it.

Using the power of storytelling

Storytelling is the best and most accepted type of writing. If you want to engage the users on your website or the webpage, then you must throw in some juicy stories in your content. According to recent statistics by Google, it has been seen that weaving a story into your blog content can simply help you increase website engagement by more than 300%! Now here you should know that storytelling does not mean that you have to turn your content into a novel, just keep adding some crispy facts to your content which can trigger and temp the interest of the reader.


Use different headlines

The search engines and traffic on them treat websites and pages in a very strange way that you should surely know about. If you are providing the same services or products as your competition then you would be having almost the similar descriptions and working methods, the readers don’t focus on the body of the content, rather you should know that a reader on the web would always come crawling to your content based on the headline or the sub-headings that you have added in your content. According to reliable reports it has been noted that only 20% of the traffic on the web stops on the body of your content, the rest of the major percentage only engages based on the headlines!

Use high-quality content on your website

Quality matters a lot, and so does plagiarism-free content. If you want to make your content different from your competition, then you have to remove all the risks of accidental plagiarism. Well, you can easily do that with the help of the best plagiarism checkers by searchenginereports.net and check-plagiarism.com. This is a very legit plagiarism detector that you can find online for free and can use in the same way. The plagiarism check tool is very easy to use and you can easily remove intentional as well as unintentional plagiarism from your content which is a big plus. The use of plagiarism checkers is a must if you want to make your content unique!

Use high-quality images in your content

You should know that people on the web these days are interested more in high-quality images then they are in the only textual content. You should know that with high-quality images, you can easily make your content unique and different from others, plus you will get better user engagement. You should know that there are a huge lot of image finder tools on the web that can help you get the best images for your website. You must make sure that the images that are used on your website are simply relative to your content and are not bound by copyrights!

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