Five Innovative Gadgets for Your iPhone

Smart phones have changed the way people live. These devices can be called the revolutionary mobile phones and they seamlessly blend in an array of capabilities and an enormity...
Five Innovative Gadgets for Your iPhone

Smart phones have changed the way people live. These devices can be called the revolutionary mobile phones and they seamlessly blend in an array of capabilities and an enormity of innovations within. I love iPhones as much as many of us do, but I also equally believe in using apt gadgets that can actually enhance their usability. Here is a selection of five simple, smart and innovative gadgets that I feel are great to use with iPhones.


I have spent hours trying to unknot tangled masses of wires and cables and the habit of shoving things into my bag refuses to leave me. However, I did spot a solution – the Cablekeeps.

Cablekeeps are a nice way to keep your knotty heap of Apple chargers rolled up neat and clean. Started as a product design project by Nice, Cablekeeps helps keep your iPhone chargers and cables together in an organized manner. The device is small and compact and it can be extremely useful for frequent travelers. Cablekeeps secure the cable to power adapters enabling the charger and the cable to stay together.Manufactured with a sense of social and environmental responsibility,the Cablekeeps come packed in environment friendly materials. These small molded pockets are made out of Santoprene rubber to enable good flexibility and a snug fit. The design lets you shorten the length of the cable when you plug it into a socket.
Features & Benefits

  • Orange colored “Goldie”
  • Compact design
  • Secures USB cable to 10W and 5W power adapters
  • Functions as a charging pedestal, holding the iPhone while it is being charged

Escape Capsule

Those who wish to take your iPhones along for a deep sea dive must have a look at the Escape Capsule.

The Escape is waterproof in the sense that it protects your iPhone from not only from water but also from snow, mud, dust, scratches, rain, blows and anything else you can imagine throwing your phone in to. This special casing that is fully sealed and covered allows you to take your phone everywhere you go. The capsule casing is made of polycarbonate, a strong synthetic thermoplastic resin. The material has the ability to withstand high impact and its crystal clear properties allow your phone to be seen through pretty well without concealing parts of it.

Features & Benefits

  • Transparent design
  • Visible watertight seal
  • Ability to withstand high impact
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • No change in the quality of photos or videos
  • Special membrane design for clear audio

My Saver

My dog loves chewing on my phone cables as much as he loves biting my shoe laces. With continuous wrapping and bending, I am sure many of us would have had times when the charging cable just snapped off and ironically enough, the phone will be left with only a bare minimum power.

The “MySaver” has been designed to protect cables from damage and help them last longer. Made using high grade aluminum, the protector secures your iPhone cables against fraying and ripping. MySaver covers the dock connector and also adds a bit of flexible silicon to the first inch of the cable coming out of the dock connector. Upon launch, two versions of MySaver would be available. The ‘MySaver Pro’ will include an OEM quality docking cable and docking and USB connectors and the MySaver DIY will come with a sheath and connectors enabling you to add them to your set of cables.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart and simple design
  • No tools required
  • Easy assembly
  • Small and secure connectors
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Good alternate for pricey cable replacement and repairs


The uses of a Smartphone are numerous, but I never associated scanning with iPhones until I recently read about Scandy.

This gadget transforms your iPhone into an efficient portable scanning device, allowing you to scan documents or any other 3D objects instantly. The designers have cleverly integrated the principles of a telescope to create the Scandy. The device uses the smart phone’s built-in camera to take quality scans of a document. The device can also be adjusted depending on the paper size and this feature makes the Scandy easier to store too.

Features & Benefits

  • Slick and compact design
  • Easy to use – clamp, adjust and scan
  • Works at a speed faster than the traditional scanning devices
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Available in plastic and aluminum
  • Can be used with any paper size – A4, A5 etc
  • Produces non blurry images

Go Pano

The Go Pano Micro is yet another innovation that helps broaden the scope of the already smart camera of your smartphone.

The Go Pano micro is a lens for your iPhone that would let you record panoramic or 360º videos. This means that by simply fitting the lens on to your iPhone, you can record videos without actually moving your phone around. If you love recording games as I do, then the Go Pano can’t be more useful. It is apt for recording street views too. You can also simultaneously preview the 360º video as you record them.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide vertical field view
  • Easy fit
  • Record and share 360 videos
  • Includes custom made case for iPhone 4
  • Free 360º video application

Author Bio- This post is written by Sandy, who writes for Mobile Phone Reviews and is great fan of Apple products. You can follow her @mobilephonereviews.

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