Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Kids

Kids know more and more about technology these days. Many of them grew up with technology that you may still consider new, and so they take to it like...
Tech-Savvy Kids

Kids know more and more about technology these days. Many of them grew up with technology that you may still consider new, and so they take to it like water. It’s not odd for a toddler to learn how to swipe before they walk.

As a parent, you may be concerned about the effect this may have on their growth. It’s natural to be concerned; you can’t tell how much exposure is advisable because you didn’t grow up surrounded by so many screens, apps, and networks.

At the same time, technology is now critical to education and work, so your child needs to be comfortable with it. There are great ways to encourage healthy relationships with technology for your kids through gifts. Plus, if you manage where they get their tech and what they access, you can ensure that they use it properly.


Starters’ Laptop


  • Your newborn baby-

Doesn’t have the motor or cognitive skills to use any computer. But they may enjoy seeing a familiar face (parent at work, grandparent, or even their own face) on a screen.

  • Toddlers of about two to three years

Are more curious and may enjoy the button pushing that comes with a computer. Toddlers may start to recognize numbers and letters along with enjoying cause and effect games. You should supervise their time on any computer and limit it to a few minutes a day. They are unlikely to be gentle; their fine motor skills are yet to develop, and throwing things is still their default setting, so you need to be there when they are on a computer, or you might end up without one.

  • Kids at preschool ages of three to four

Will have better motor skills and may start to engage with a mouse. They will also begin showing an interest in activities like puzzles, drawing, and matching. However, they still need to use the computer under supervision. Teach them the habit of washing their hands before using the computer, along with keeping food and drink away from it.

  • Elementary school kids (five to seven)

Can operate a computer with some independence. This is the age at which they start to enjoy more complex and time-limited games and activities. They will need more time on the computer to start building skills. There are also coding classes suitable for children of this age. This is also the age when you can buy them a laptop. Additionally, this is the age when you should start teaching your kid about internet safety.

  • The tween stage (eight to twelve)

That is when things start to get tricky. At this age, they probably want more independence and privacy, as well as more sophisticated devices. Their confidence is a good thing, but their judgment isn’t fully mature, especially when it comes to online interactions. They probably work with computers at school all day as well. At this age, they will need filtering or internet management software to ensure they only access safe sites.

  • Teens (13 to 18)

Rarely need supervision when using laptops, but they still need filtering and internet management software. It may seem like smothering, but remember that they are still not fully mature enough for the outside world. If you buy or build a machine, do it with their interests in mind. Their school work, and especially their interests, are more complex now. If you buy a new laptop for an older teen, you can aim to buy one that will last them into college.

A laptop is something your child can use at home and school. Some computers are tailor-made for children at each stage of their growth. These computers are simple enough for children to use and have settings designed to keep them safe. Using these computers, your child will gain computing skills. If you choose to refurbish your old machine to pass down, you can find a nearby laptop repair service that will fix your computer to work like new.

A Digital Drawing Tablet

Digital Drawing Tablet

Art is a fun form of expression that any child can enjoy. Learning how to draw, play music or make films can help your child develop their creativity or simply have good-natured fun.

A kid who already likes art can create dozens of things without mess or money spent on materials if they have a digital tablet. Tablets are also versatile, and many of them can also be used for things like class note-taking.

Coding Classes

Coding Classes

Children are very adept at picking up new skills. That’s why they can learn to play an instrument or acquire a new language better than adults can. Considering that the world is becoming more and more digital, your child should get exposure to coding skills.

They don’t need advanced prerequisites to learn to code; they can start with simple tasks at an early age. With coding skills, your child will have an advantage at school and future job prospects. Coding will also teach your child how to solve problems, understand the technology around them better, work with others and be more creative.

Build Your Own Robot Kit

Much like when you used to play with building bricks, children can now build robots. The kits are simple but can teach your child all kinds of skills like basic construction, wiring, physics, and things like patience and pride.

Robot kits can keep kids occupied for a long time. They are an excellent idea for older kids, especially those who already know how to code.

Microscope—or Even a Whole Science Class

A love of tech can sometimes translate to a love of science. Science is an excellent subject for curious young minds. Another great thing about science is that it is all around you—from the biology and geology in the yard to the electricals and physics at play in your home.

An interest in science will help your child be organized and focused and form an opinion based on their observations. Science is also a hands-on subject, which lends itself well to how children learn. You can equip your child with simple scientific tools like a microscope and open them up to a whole new world of scientific wonders. Early curiosity in science will encourage your kid to explore multiple areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Kids Love Smart Gifts

Exploring and discovering new things is a big part of growing up, so encourage this impulse in our modern world with tech-savvy gifts. These presents will open your child’s world to new interests and knowledge. In addition, the skills they gain from tech gifts will benefit them in the future in school and at work.

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