How can CES revolutionize in the year 2012?

CES is the big thing that’s coming up for the consumers in the year 2012. It’s the CES that offers IT industry a look on the products such as...
How can CES revolutionize in the year 2012?

CES is the big thing that’s coming up for the consumers in the year 2012. It’s the CES that offers IT industry a look on the products such as tablets, smart tvs, ultrabooks and more that have been enjoying great success. CES in 2012 is going to change the way consumers think, buy and act. Critics in technology have been debating on the long term usefulness of the interesting prototypes presented at CES. Let’s discuss on these prototypes that are expected to revolutionize the entire IT industry without much efforts.

Ultra 3D Tablet

This tablet will be able to display 3D content without making use of special glasses. Very soon it’s expected that the 3D tablets will easily become common in the years to come. However, consumers might have to wait for more time to get their hands on it. But it can’t be ignored that viewing 3D without glasses sounds a pretty unique thing.

Sony Slate: Holographic Keyboard Tablet is Right here!

Sony has come up with a prototype for tablet that can now be used with keyboard. Keyboard attracts attention – thanks to its holographic construction and keys design that are unique and exclusive. Tablets with keyboards may not be new but you can’t afford to miss giving this one a try.

Intel Nikiski – Transparent Touchscreen Laptop

Intel has recently presented the new concept called ‘Nikiski concept’ that presents a laptop with a transparent glass touchpad. This can be comfortably and effortlessly extended over the length of your palmrest. This brand new technology will give you the joy of using the transparent touchpad in order to access applications like calendar, web browser on the net and Mail without opening the notebook.

Now use the applications even after your laptop is closed. When on road, this device will let you check your email or simply go offline for another few minutes and all this will not even require you to use the mobile phone. If the critics are to be believed, the software functionalities are similar to the Metro windows 8 interface. But Intel has strictly claimed that the development of the software was in house.

Crystal LED – TV Technology On Revamp

Sony crystal LED is a prototype with crystal LED technology that’s a great combination of LCD and OLED. This revolutionary 55 inch TV that’s presented at the CES 2012 uses around six million LEDs. Now this new technology by Sony in the world of TV boasts of a better and improved image quality. It’s expected to be received well by the users if the prices are fair too.

Some of the technical innovations of CES 2012 have really great chances of being appreciated by the customers once they are released in the market. However, critics are also of the view that these may just be some design prototypes good enough to set the adrenaline high by grabbing attention. So, for the time being all we can do is to sit back and wait for them to appear in the stores with fair prices and finally enjoy the features that they have to offer us!

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The above article is composed and edited by Shannen Doherty .She is a technical content writer. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to: internet, dongle, technology mobile broadband, etc.

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