How the iPhone 5 Stand-Up Against Competition

The iPhone 5 has been in the hands of the public for almost a week now, and you can be sure that people have been putting it through its...
How the iPhone 5 Stand-Up Against Competition

The iPhone 5 has been in the hands of the public for almost a week now, and you can be sure that people have been putting it through its paces and seeing how it stands up and compares to its main competitors; the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Motorola Driod RAZR MAXX HD and the Nokia Lumia 920. Let me start by saying that all four of these devices are awesome, and bring a lot of new features and functionality to the table. They are all innovative in their own ways, and all have their own little something going on for them. But, which one is best? We’re going to try and find out.

Let’s start with the screen-size. The iPhone 5 has the smallest screen out of all devices by half an inch, but, that doesn’t mean the iPhone’s screen isn’t as good – in-fact quite the opposite. The iPhone 5’s display has been performing much better than screen’s on the other devices, providing better quality images with more color saturation than the other devices.

The iPhone 5 has the biggest screen on an iPhone yet, it’s a great size and awesome quality – none of the other handsets can rival the quality of the iPhone 5 screen, BUT, if screen size is very important to you then you might be better off with the Samsung, Motorola or Nokia handset.

On to the camera… The iPhone 5 camera hasn’t been updated much since the iPhone 4S camera, in-fact, the only thing that’s been updated for the iPhone 5 is the lens cover which has been changed from glass to sapphire crystal to help protect the lens cover from scratching. The actual hardware for the camera hasn’t changed, leaving us with pretty much the same camera as we had on the iPhone 4S – not that there is anything wrong with that, but it would have been nice to get a little upgrade.

The front facing camera on the iPhone 5 has been updated from VGA quality to 720 HD quality, a huge improvement! The S III does have a better quality front facing camera, but in my opinion 720 HD is fine quality for the odd occasion you would use the front facing camera. Overall the iPhone 5 camera delivers the best shots (there have been a number of ‘shoot-outs’ where the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have been pitched together snapping photograph’s and the iPhone 5 always wins), despite the tech specs of the Samsung camera supposedly being better.

We have a full-on comparison chart which compares the specifications of these four devices so you can get a clear view of how the specifications of each device stand up against one and other. This comparison chart was put together by TechHive.

Surprisingly the iPhone 5 has the lowest technical specification across all four phones, yet it still manages to maintain its place as the quickest smartphone on the market. Apple clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to quality components.
Personally I think the iPhone 5 is the best of the bunch. When you compare all aspects of each phone, the screen and its quality, the processing power and speed, the operating system, the camera quality, the number of Apps which are available and so on, the iPhone 5 seems to have its competitors beaten hands down.
The S III’s technical specifications beat the iPhone 5 in one or two instances, but it’s clear beyond any doubt that the iPhone 5 is most definitely the quickest smartphone on the market at the moment, regardless of the tech specs of the S3.
For me, the iPhone 5 wins hands-down and as soon as they are back in stock (at the moment Apple are stating 3 – 4 weeks for delivery) I’ll be ordering one!
What do you think of each of these smartphones? Which one do you prefer? Which one will you be buying? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Nathan loves all Apple products, especially the iPhone. He even runs his own service to Unlock the iPhone 5 from his website Unlock iPhone Worldwide.

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