Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a browser game created by Zynga. It has over 5 million users across the world. It has also won the Webby Awards for People’s Voice Winner....

Mafia Wars is a browser game created by Zynga. It has over 5 million users across the world. It has also won the Webby Awards for People’s Voice Winner. Mafia Wars is available on Facebook, MySpace, Tagged and Yahoo!. The game can also be played by installing a free downloadable iPhone App.
This is a multiplayer game where you need to do jobs in New York and earn cash and experience points. The player can invite other mafia players to join their family. As of now the limit of Mafia family which can be used in wars is 501 but the player can have any number of mafia friends.Since September 24, 2009 there is a new city, “Moscow”. Once a player reaches level 70 they have access to Moscow and they get to choose between the Thieves in Law Vory or the Russian Mafiya . Two upcoming regions are Western United States coming out 2010 and Bangkok coming out Holiday 2009, where the player will get to choose from Triad and Yakuza.
The player can travel between New York, Cuba and Moscow as of now. Cuba jobs are available after level 35 whereas Moscow is available after level 70. Players can promote their top mafia members to Mastermind, Buttonman, Wheelman, Bagman, Bodyguard and Safecracker. There are several clans active in the Mafia Wars Facebook community which declare wars with other mafias.
Players gets 5 skill points on every level up and 1 Godfather points. Skill points can be used to increase Attack Skills, Defense Skills, Energy, Health and Stamina. Special items can be bought using Godfather points.
Character Classes

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Regenerates energy quickest, rate being 1 energy every 3 minutes, instead of every 5 minutes for other characters.


* Can do numerous jobs.
* Levels quickly, if not the fastest.


* As they’re built usually to suit the “Energy Player” style, player needs to pump Energy to fully utilize the very quick energy restore, thus sacrificing fighting stats.
* Players will need to get the cash generated from properties bought in NY otherwise it will be stolen by Minians.


Regenerates money fastest, at 57 minutes per regen instead of the typical 60 minutes. In Cuba, more pesos can be collected at 60 minutes compared to the other classes.


* Almost none, as players belatedly learns money quickly becomes worthless and energy is the true currency of the game.
* A slight edge at the game’s 3 “Money Achievements” but eventually everybody can get this achievement over the time.


* Levels slowly, if not the slowest of the three classes.


Regenerates health the quickest.


* Promotion to Wheelman by a fellow family member enables a chance to do jobs at no energy cost, this procs at 5%.


* Health regen being redundant, due to the presence of the Hospital which lets “anybody” refill their health at a cost.

New York Job Mastery Items

Street Thug – Pistol Bayonet: +4% Damage dealt in fights
Associate – Bugatti: -7% Damage taken in fights
Soldier – Golden Skull: 30 second reduction health regen timer
Enforcer – Money Plate: 5% Discount on property purchases
Hitman – Chainsaw Bayonet: 30 second reduction Stamina regen timer
Capo – State Senator: 5% discount on property repairs
Consigliere – Helicopter: 30 second reduction energy regen timer
Underboss – Private Island: 5% bonus on job experience
Boss – Golden Throne: 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

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