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We humans have grown to great extents to make our lives simpler easier and lazier. One such innovation of the human kind is online shopping. Just sit back browse through...

We humans have grown to great extents to make our lives simpler easier and lazier. One such innovation of the human kind is online shopping. Just sit back browse through the numerous products available. Click click and a week later … ding dong.. your product at your door step. No more carrying around bags for your girlfriend or going to the million branches of the thousand brands for a specific item. It is all available in front of you , in what used to be just a computer.Shopping online is much more easier for tech products as you have definite specifications unlike clothing. Though there a number of e-commerce sights to buy tech related products , not many are trusted to be safe in India. Here is a list of the top e-commerce sites where you can buy your gadgets from.


Shopping @ eBay

The worldwide world famous eBay has made a stand in India too.EBay is basically an online market where sellers from India meet the buyers.If you are not satisfied with what your country has to offer you can also buy from eBay Global with the extra shipping charges. Now that ebay has started offering Cash on Delivery ( Not for all products though ) , shopping at eBay has become more secure.As eBay is just the medium for the buyers to shop, the delivery time is decided by the sellers and they make sure they deliver the product before the deadline set by eBay. A hindrance to many is the fact that one has to give banking credentials to buy stuff from eBay.But with its PaisaPay glory eBay has earned the right to be trusted. Auctions are another shopping option in eBay.

Shopping @

Bitfang, sounds a “bit” strange but it is indeed the ultimate stop for shopping computer hardwares. It has a huge shelf of products from various brands to make your computer complete. You would be amazed to just have a look at the wide range of computer related stuff it has. As the moto says “IT is better here”.They have made sure that none of the categories are left out. You do not have free shipping when you are shopping in Bitfang, but you do have the option to get it delivered faster by few a few extra cash. Cash on Delivery is still an option missing from this nearly perfect online shopping heaven.

Shopping @ Letsbuy

Shopping has never been this easy, secure and hassle free. With Letsbuy you can anything electrical.The best place for shopping literally anything from cheap computer keyboards to high end LED TVs. With exclusive features like Cash On Delivery , free shipping and voucher discounts Letsbuy will not fail to bring a smile on your face when you receive the product. The Delivery takes about 1 week depending on the location of delivery and the availability of product.Letsbuy vouchers are scattered all around the net, don’t forget to hunt for them before you go shopping to Letsbuy.

Shopping @ Flipkart

What started of as an online bookstore, now sells almost all possible gadgets. On the tech side, it has made a stand in Mobiles, Computer accessories and games too. With similar option like Cash on delivery and Free home delivery ( Above Rs.100), Flipkart has become an shining online shop.The minute you place an order at flipkart your online shopping experience move up a level. You experience stage to stage tracking updates and their exclusive self delivery system (in most cities).They make sure that you are fully aware of where your order is at all times.You also have the option of gift wrapping it with a message to present it to your friends.

What started in India as something believed to be a scam, has turned out to be one of the greatest gifts the internet has to offer. Shopping is an experience that is second to none and doing it online just make its more fun. I personally feel online shopping is as much fun as it sounds, but the conventional shopping with friends and family is always a better experience. Happy Shopping!

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