Top 10 HD Android Games

Eventually Android has made a place in the market and people have started to prefer android devices to other operating systems. Application developers have already understood the importance and...
Top 10 HD Android Games

Eventually Android has made a place in the market and people have started to prefer android devices to other operating systems. Application developers have already understood the importance and hidden market potential in android-based devices now it is a turn of gaming developers who have started to explore the large community using android devices. With more and more, game developers, trying their luck android market is full of HD games and continuous addition in going on. Although HD games come, with a slight higher price tag, it feels negligible with the quality of games and clarity users are getting. Looking at the android game market scenario it is obvious that a normal user might confused about which game to buy and which to leave, therefore here is a guide to top 10 HD Android games that will ease the burden a little.


1. Mini Squadron

This is shooter game where many planes are flying around to establish their supremacy; the game is designed with thrilling flying adventures and stunts. With super fluid control system and multiplayer option with Wi-Fi this is a certainly a must have game.

2. EA FIFA 2010

With wide variety of features and only licensed game to use the team names and logos this game is similar what we play on PlayStation 2.  With advanced and graphics and breath taking animation this game stands apart and worth the rate of $7.00 they are asking for.


The most amazing racing game ever developed on mobile platform is what you feel when you will actually experience the 3D and HD optimized accelerometer-racing game. With many features like multiplayer gaming and competitive A1 drivers, you actually get a feel of road racing and you are the driver of the car. As the game needs, more storage space advised to store it on SD card.


Finally, NFS is ready to claim its position on android platforms, all racing fans were waiting eagerly for this game and after its arrival, and it is little bit of surprise, as it requires 1GHZ processor and 2GB free space. Due to length of the game files, it is advised to download the game to SD card.

5. Backstab

For all action loving game enthusiasts this is a brand new game in HD format, which is full of revenge and slaughtering. Game is bundled with Impressive character interactions, great natural voices, and 3D environments in this game with superfine graphics quality.

6. Shadow Guardian

This is one of the action adventures that will make your senses aggravated with fast-paced action and very detailed animation to take you in virtual reality.

7. Eternal Legacy

One of the best stories involved in the backstage of a game which is good blend of fantasy and sci-fi with swords, guns, robots and magic. Highest point of the game quality is real time rendering in full 3D and free 360º cameras.

8. Asphalt 6

This is a specially designed game for race lovers, with exotic racing cars you just have to burn your rubbers until you get satisfied. For extra achievements, you can play multiplayer game with your friends on Wi-Fi connectivity.

9. Modern Combat 2

A killing game where all you have to do is survive and kill all the bad people by travelling to Far East and Middle East. With most advanced game options and graphics, this is necessary have game for android device users.

10. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) 2

Single player game full of various adventures where free use of running, shooting, falling, driving, motorbikes and piloting a giant mech is a thrilling experience. All type of new weapons and new powers just make the game more appealing and a must have game on your android device.

11. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed, offering rich gameplay and a well balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action, and puzzle-solving exploration in the midst of fully 3D-rendered, historical Middle Eastern environments of the Crusades.

I hope you love all the games listed above. If you like any other Android HD game, please let us know by commenting.

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