Top 20 Best Android Widget

There are many features helping to enhance and increase the functionality of android devices, despite of your need all the application you need are made available in the android market. Most...
Top 20 Best Android Widget

There are many features helping to enhance and increase the functionality of android devices, despite of your need all the application you need are made available in the android market. Most of the Android Apps, which are developed in this market, are due to the requirements of users finding something new for their convenience. With the applications present in the market, you can change the look of your android device as well you can install some of the cool widgets to improve the strength and use of your android device. If you are searching for some cool widgets to download in your mobile then here is a list of some great widgets that you should think to install in case if you want to make your handset even more power packed.


1. Tech Buzz Widget

If you are interested to know about the happenings in the technology, gadgets, software’s, gaming; videos and many other fields then this widget will help you keep updated.

2. Battery watcher widget

When you are using your android device to stay connected with the internet and to browse through different websites or else when you are chatting with your friends you always forget to check the status of phone battery. With this widget, you can always keep track of your current battery level so that you will be alarmed when your battery needs a recharge.

3. Data Counter widget

To keep track of the regular data usage whether it was through Wi-Fi or through your cell phone, you can use this widget to count the actual data usage based on connectivity.

4. Fancy Widget

If you are interested to provide your handset a different feel and look then this widget will provide you beautiful look to your screen along with the time, date, weather and forecast update widgets.

5. Audio Manager Pro

This is a fully featured widget of popular AudioManager application, helps to get all the recent volume levels directly from the home screen. You can choose different widget skins to provide a funky look to this widget from android market and just tap on the widget to adjust all the volume levels independently.

6. SMS Unread Count

This is a specially designed widget for messaging where in you can find out the unread messages and all your message counts along with the call logs for missed calls and new unread mails in your Gmail.

7. System Info

If you are a caring person who really takes care of your android device then you should have this widget specially developed for people like you. With this widget, you can take a quick glance at the health of your android device that will tell you about battery percentage, uptime, free memory, processor temperature and signal strength and lot more.

8. Multicon Widget

With the widget you can save some space to put some more icons on your home screen, if you really have too many shortcuts developed and want them on your screen you can get hold of this widget that is free for all the users.

9. Cycle Hire Widget Lite

For all the people staying in London this widget will always come handy with 30 cities on five continents located and one of the most popular and acclaimed application for cycle hire in London made available worldwide in 6 languages. You can find the nearest cycle hire location with this widget having live availability of bikes and slots at each location.

10. Contacts GOWidget

With added features and increased capacity of 10 contacts with new skins, this widget is helpful to add frequent contacting persons or favorite contacts on your android home screen. With this widget, you can call or send an SMS to these contacts with a single tap.

11. Enhanced Email

With this widget, you can customize your home screen to display the recent mails or your mail account in more appealing manner. Please check your mobile handsets compatibility with this widget before installing it as it supports selected devices.

12. AskDroid Desktop Search Widget

This is a mobile search widget with 300 different web search engines and the number is still growing. You can select your favorite search engines or else check from the options to get your favorite search engine with color change and special view as well usage-setting options.

13. MultiFrame Widget

This is an improved version of standard picture frame provided by Android OS, where in you can choose multiple pictures and the widget will choose entirely different picture every time the screen is turned on.

14. FriendCaster for Facebook

With the help, this widget you can have your recent Facebook posts updated in one concise view on your home screen. With an option to customize the looks of the widget and improved photo viewer and toggling between grid and list view this is the best Facebook widget that you should have.

15. Twitoc

This widget is developed to send your tweets using your voice that does so via Google Voice Recognition. To use this widget you should have +2.1, android Firmware and you should speak loudly and clearly.

16. TweetCaster for Twitter

This typical twitter home screen widget helps to update your most recent timeline feeds. In addition, useful to view last 20 tweets, reply to each personal tweets and retweet as well to set your status.

17. Agenda Widget

Best for corporate personnel’s which pulls related data from your corporate calendar and displays your next four agenda items clearly. Do not worry to forget your important meetings as with this widget you can retrieve all the important activities with single tap.

18. Sticky Pad Widget

It is a habit with most of the people to use sticky notes to convey messages or to remember certain things. With this widget, you can put any size of sticky notes on your home screen and can check them with single click.

19. Wi-Fi Widget

This is best widget presented in android default style which displays information about the connection state connected SSID, IP address, MAC addresses and link state.

20. Bluetooth widget

Whenever you want to use your Bluetooth services on android mobile devices you do not have to check the system and other files just a single tap of this widget will provide you access to the Bluetooth.

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