Top 8 iPad Paid Games

So we have recently had the list of the top cross platform multiplayer games. Now moving on a specific group of people, and a major one indeed,these games are...
Top 8 iPad Paid Games

So we have recently had the list of the top cross platform multiplayer games. Now moving on a specific group of people, and a major one indeed,these games are the best games for the Apple iPads. After this very article i’m sure you gaming hours wiht the games on your pad will increase exponentially.Without further ado.. let’s jump straight into the games


Top 8 iPad Games

Games – Angry Birds HD($1.99)

The surprise smash hit of 2010 comes to the iPad with the same addictive gameplay that made it a hit on the iPhone. After evil green pigs thieve the birds’ egg (and thus giving them their angry demeanor), it’s up to you to deliver hard, fast vengeance by using the destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste the oinkers’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours upon hours of engrossing addicting gameplay, and challenging physics-based castle demolition that’s spread across 195 levels.

Lane Splitter ($0.99)

Lane Splitter may involve cars, speed bikes, and the open road, but it isn’t your typical racing game–it’s a game of avoidance. The mission is to navigate traffic-filled streets using the iPad’s tilt controls, and score points based on the length of your ride, wheelies popped, and how many cars you pass before wiping out. The premise is simple, but the tight controls and addictive gameplay will have you coming back for just one more ride.

NBA Jam HD ($9.99)

Packed with over 30 NBA teams and unlockable legendary players such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Dr. Jay, and exclusive iOS-only ballers, NBA Jam keeps the old school, over-the-top simplicity of the ’90s arcade machines. Roster updates (something not available for the home console version) and local multiplayer over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi keeps the b-ball antics fresh.

Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition ($1.99)

Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition combines sports, wacky power ups, and cartoon-like 2D graphics into an unorthodox shooter/tower defense hybrid that sees you mowing down wave after wave of the undead with your trusty soccer ball.

Scrabble for iPad($4.99)

EA brings Hasbro’s classic board game to the iPad, and it does a remarkable job of recreating the look and feel of the game. Using a finger, you drag titles to the gameboard, and hit “Play” to end the turn. Tapping “Shuffle” rearranges your title to help spark word-formation ideas. “Swap” lets you tap up to 7 letters and replace them with tiles that will (hopefully) improve your chances of busting out a huge score, but you lose a turn in the process. The Party Play mode lets you nerd it up with four friends, transforming the iPad into the gameboard and any available iPhones into tile racks.

Dungeon Hunter HD ($6.99)

Dungeon Hunter for the iPhone was dubbed a Diablo clone, but the iPad version ups the ante and gives the game its own feel. In this version, you create your own character with which to go adventuring in the world of Gothicus. Warrior, rogue, and mage classes serve as your in-game avatar. The isometric view and spacious screen show plenty of colorful character detail and animations, and you can (thankfully!) customize the location of the virtual controls if they don’t your style.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD ($9.99)

The portable version of Rockstar Games’ hit crime game has appeared on the Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone, and iPod Touch, but the iPad version is the best mobile version of all. The virtual D-pad isn’t as intuitive or accurate as the real deals found on other portable gaming systems, but busting caps and jacking cars is much more fun on the larger display.

Mirror’s Edge ($4.99)

This iPad port of the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC game features fast running, smooth animation, and precise multi-touch gestures as your free-run from rooftop to rooftop. After a handful of training levels designed to familiarize you with controlling the main character, Faith Connors, you’re off to stop an Orwellian threat. The single-player campaign features 14 level and frequent save points–great if you’re playing on the go. A head-to-head mode lets you play split screen with a friend, in both Race Maps (time trial) and Rival Maps (treasure hunt) games.

So there you have, my top list of all the awesome games available for the iPad. Don’t worry about spending the extra cash, all the above games are totally worth it and will surely keep you highly entertained.As said earlier, games, games,games and games seem to be the ultimate moto

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