12 Best Android Productivity Apps

With nearly a quarter million apps on the Droid app market to date, it can become a painful chore to find which apps are worth the time to download...
12 Best Android Productivity Apps

With nearly a quarter million apps on the Droid app market to date, it can become a painful chore to find which apps are worth the time to download and which apps are going to be a waste of memory. Along with exponential development in mobile broadband technology, Android has created an exciting platform for new apps that can help us all get things done in a more convenient fashion. Wading through the massive lists of apps simply will not do. Here are the top 12 best android productivity apps that were built with productivity and efficiency in mind.

Android Productivity Apps

1. Dropbox

This app allows users to upload and automatically save files of all types across multiple platforms, from PCs to smartphones.

2. Gtasks

Google has become a catchall company for searches, emails, calendars, ads, and even social media. Gtasks puts all of these things in a single, easy to use interface.

3. Quick Office Pro

This app is practically mandatory for every smartphone being used in the business world. It not only gives access to Quick Office programs such as Excel and Powerpoint, it also works seamlessly with multiple cloud memory programs to save and upload data.

4. PdaNet

For truly mobile broadband, PdaNet is the premiere app. It allows any Android smartphone to be tethered and turned into a mobile hotspot.

5. Business Ledger

Business Ledger makes the stress of tax season a thing of the past. Keep up with daily reports on mileage and expenditures with a single tap of the screen. It then compiles the data at the end of the year into a single report.

6. LinkedIn

A Facebook for working professionals, this app allows users to access contact information, emails, updates, posts, and more, all from their Android phone.

7. RealCalc

There is no more need to pull out the pen and paper when complex math problems arise. RealCalc is a fully functional scientific calculator for the phone.

8. CamCard

Stuffing wallets and purses with business cards is a task no longer necessary after CamCard has been downloaded. It turns any smartphone into a functional rolodex. A quick snapshot of any business card is instantly digitized and saved onto the phone.

9. My Backup Pro

With all this information being saved on the Droid, a broken SD card or stolen phone can be devastating. My Backup Pro automatically updates and saves information wirelessly to a secure server, allowing for the immediate transition of information to a new phone.

10. Document Scanner

This app turns any smartphone camera into a fully-functional scanner. After the image is taken, it converts it into a working PDF file. These files can also be uploaded to Google Docs via a mobile broadband connection.

11. SwiftKey Keyboard

The one drawback of the smartphone is the uncomfortable and painfully slow keyboard. With SwiftKey Keyboard, the arduous task of sending out lengthy emails will be a thing of the past as this app learns the users typing patterns, speeding up typing considerably.

12. Note Everything

Note Everything is the absolute best app for taking, saving, and sending basic notes. With very few frills, Note Everything is the easiest way to take notes, email them, or upload them to Google Docs.

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