FinuTrade Review – Can This Brokerage Be Trusted?

Contents FinuTrade Review FinuTrade is an online brokerage platform that provides countless profitable opportunities to its traders. If you want to earn a fortune, then you need to find...
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FinuTrade Review

FinuTrade is an online brokerage platform that provides countless profitable opportunities to its traders. If you want to earn a fortune, then you need to find a reliable and professional broker same like FinuTrade. In this FinuTrade review, I will tell you which features this broker is providing and to what extent these are helpful.

The parent company behind this broker is FinuTrade Holdings which is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It has been providing its services since 2018, which means that it is not a new broker anymore and knows all the ins and outs of the online trading market. Due to its untiring efforts and sincerity towards its traders, its trading volume has crossed 180 million dollars. Now it is providing its services to both the retail as well as institutional traders. Some of the reasons behind its rapid success are given below.

Uncompromised Security

There is no doubt that the internet has revolutionized our lives, but it has some strings attached to it as well. Traders remain under the continuous watch of cybercriminals who don’t let go of any opportunity to loot the traders. FinuTrade has done a marvelous job in this avenue and has taken some noticeable steps to ensure the safety of money and information of its traders.

Firstly, it uses segregated accounts to store the money. From these accounts, even the company itself cannot use the money. Secondly, FinuTrade uses encryption technology to protect all the sensitive information of its traders. Thirdly, it uses two globally recognized security policies named KYC and AML. These policies require the traders to provide proof of their identity as well as their money trail.

Trading Instruments

The trading instruments which you use are very important because it depends on these instruments that how much profit you make. There are many trading instruments in the market, but these require a different level of expertise to get profit. Some of these instruments, like cryptocurrencies, are more volatile than others. That is why the profit varies greatly. Limited trading options result in higher risks of loss, but you don’t need to worry because FinuTrade provides multiple trading instruments to choose from. These instruments are Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies.

The Trading Platform And Its Tools

A feature that traders use many times daily is the trading platform itself. FinuTrade’s trading platform is based on the famous MT4 concept. It is easy to use and runs butter smooth on every type of device. The desktop version gives a traditional and attractive trading experience, while the mobile version eliminates the hassle of downloading before usage. This trading platform is loaded with plenty of useful trading tools which increase productivity. The tools include charts, trading signals, market analysis, economical calendar, profit calculator, and many more.

Trading Accounts

Whichever broker you select for your voyage in the online trading market, the first step you will be required is to select and open a trading account. As an experienced trading platform, FinuTrade knows that the investment, style, and temperament of every trader are different. Keeping this in mind, it has provided its traders with four different account types. These accounts are named Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts. The silver account is the basic account that can be opened by depositing only 250 dollars because it is designed for newcomers. In contrast with the Silver account, the Diamond account is for experienced elite class traders who want to trade more than 100k dollars. But if you are not an expert in trading, then I would suggest you stay with the Gold or Platinum account for the time being.


When you have a bird’ eye view of this review, you will see that FinuTrade is the solution to all your problems. It is a user-friendly and secure brokerage platform that is not less than any other broker in the market. Its features are countless and provide multiple tools, accounts, and assets to trade as well. That is why I would recommend you to give it a chance.

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