How to Care for a Dog, While You Are Moving?

Moving is a terrible experience for both pets and humans, but after following this guide, you can make it stress-free and entertaining, at least for your dog. Packing, lifting...

Moving is a terrible experience for both pets and humans, but after following this guide, you can make it stress-free and entertaining, at least for your dog. Packing, lifting heavy boxes, loading, and unloading are all daunting tasks. It can become smooth and easy when you choose the right moving company.

Moving with a pet either to another state or the same town requires planning and preparation. You don’t only need to plan for your move, but you also need to prepare your dog for a move. So, don’t go anyway and read this article till the end because here you’ll find some useful tips for moving with a dog. 

Tips for Caring for a Dog While Moving

Moving with pets requires extensive planning and preparation. So these tips can help you prepare your dog for a move and care for a dog while moving. 

  • How to Prepare Your Dog for a Move

As mentioned at the start, moving can be a stressful and challenging experience. Your dog needs time to adjust to new things before you move. So, when you plan to move, start preparing your dog for it. 

  • Give Your Dog Some Time to Get Used to Moving Supplies

Purchase moving supplies early and let your dog familiarize itself with them. It will help your dog to explore them and get used to them. When you suddenly introduce packing supplies to dogs, they get nervous. By doing so, you can make these things normal for a dog. Avoid keeping moving supplies in your dog’s room and ensure that these supplies will not take up the space dog used for playing or rest. 

  • Create a Positive Association

When your dogs are near moving supplies, please don’t leave them unattended. Dogs love to investigate new things—praise and reward dogs when they do something extraordinary. Toss treats into the boxes and ask your dogs to find them. In this way, your dog will create a positive association with packing supplies. 

  • Don’t Change Your Dog’s Regular Routine

When you prepare for a move, you may forget your dogs. But it’s not a best practice. Ensure that you feed your dogs on a regular schedule. Don’t change the walking schedules. When you maintain a routine, it will help you keep your dog stress-free. Sudden changes in feeding and walking routine can never be good for your dog. 


  • Preparation for the Trip

You need to find out how you will move. If you’re moving to the same state, what transportation mode you’ll choose. On the other hand, for a cross-country move, what will be your approach? You need to purchase supplies to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the move. A well-fitted harness and crate can help you keep your dog safe and comfortable during your move. 

If you’re moving to another state and the move will not be completed in one day, don’t forget to book a hotel for your dog. It can help your dog relax during the move. 

  • Packing and Moving Day

Both these tasks are the most crucial part of the move. You can care for a dog by following the below-given tips:

  • Give Them Time

When you pack your items, don’t forget your dogs. Give them proper time and play with them. Keep your training sessions short but don’t skip them. It will help you keep your dog relax during packing. 

  • Don’t Make Changes in Your Dog’s Favorite Place

When you pack rooms, ensure that you pack your dog’s favorite place at the end. Let your dog rest in the room and ensure that hustle and bustle won’t annoy them. Turn on your dog’s favorite music, and it will not let your dog get bored. 

  • Don’t Make the Packing Space Chaotic 

As soon as you start packing, it will totally change the look of your home. It can make your dog nervous. Ensure that packing supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, are all organized. Moreover, it will ensure that your dog doesn’t get into a dangerous situation. 


  • Pack Dog Supplies

When caring for a dog while moving, you will have to go the extra mile. A moving day won’t be easy for dogs. If you’re planning to keep your dog in your car, ensure that you pack all the dog supplies. Place your dog in a crate or pet carrier. Ensure that dogs can’t see outside from the window because it can make them nervous. 

  • Play Music and Stop Frequently

Play your dog’s favorite music in the car. It will soothe your dog’s nerves. If you don’t want to create a mess in your car, stop frequently. It will help your dog relax and pee. 

  • Tips for Settling into a New Home

It’s also crucial when it comes to caring for a dog while moving. Dogs need time to adjust to a new home. It will take a few weeks and months before they get used to a new environment. You can help your dog settle in a new home in the following ways:

  • Follow Regular Routines

We know it won’t be easy to follow routines straightaway, but changes in dog’s routines won’t be good for their behavior. Ensure that you follow the same feeding and exercise schedules. Keeping your dog at the old routine will help them adjust to a new place quickly. 

  • Provide a Comfortable Space to Your Dog

If you have a dedicated bed for your dog, place it in your dog’s room as soon as possible. Place dog toys and other essentials in that room. Ensure that everything is placed in the same manner as it was in the old room. Providing a comfortable space can help bring your dog back to a regular routine. 

  • Be Patient

It’s the key during the whole moving process. It won’t be easy for dogs to accept this change, so be patient and understand their emotions. Show positive reinforcement during the entire process. 

So, this is how you can care for a dog while you’re moving.

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