How to Master Social Media Marketing

Posting your music tracks online is not enough to build an audience. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making it in the online music industry....
Social media marketing

Posting your music tracks online is not enough to build an audience. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making it in the online music industry. You need to spend time across multiple platforms to make a significant change in your audience size.


Multiple platform integration

A common mistake among beginners is focusing solely on one social media platform and giving it 100%. In the case of aspiring musicians, many focus on SoundCloud. A more successful approach would be to diversify over various websites and social media audio streaming services. 

By uploading your music on more than one popular audio streaming service, you can reach your target market better. You can use professional websites to help with this goal, by

buying listeners on Spotify or SoundCloud. Soon, you should see an increase in your listeners, followers, and fans. 

Social media marketing

In addition to the multiple audio streaming services you upload your music on, it is advisable to additional advertise or market your channels on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can increase traffic to your music in this way, with very little effort on your part. Additionally, these social media platforms give your users a way to connect and communicate with you. 

When planning your marketing campaign on social media, make sure you are consistent in fonts, logos, and other small details. This gives the followers assurance that they are truly receiving content from you and only you.

Develop Your Brand

To mark your place on social media, you need to define and study the audience you are aiming for. Many artists and musicians create their art without considering who will be listening or viewing it. They think, “I’ll do it my way, and the right people will find me.”

Social Media Marketing

Which begs the question, who are the right people? Who is your target audience? You need to clearly define who you wish your fans to be, and find what their preferences are. Marketing is not shouting out into a void in hopes for someone listening. It should be a conversation between the creator and the audience.

If you’ve already acquired some fans, seek them out. Study them, find out what their common interests, habits, and demographics are. Research what exactly they like about your music, and cater to their preferences. For artists without a fanbase yet, you can always research the fans of similar musicians, or artists you aspire to emulate.

70-20-10: The magic ratio

To effectively market your music, you must be able to vary the content you are providing. Newbies commonly make the mistake of overspending on marketing. Their marketing content can often be repetitive promotional slogans and not much more. Instead, try a dialogue, use your experiences, relationships, and training to give you marketing content. This concept is based on the 70-20-10 rule:

Develop an Image: 70%

In this portion of the content, you should focus on informing your fans of your character, and your music. Create a persona that people will want to follow. Share with your fans the details of your life. The aim of this is to give the listeners a familiarity with you, allow them to feel included. In this way, you can build a loyal fan base.

Networking With The Music Industry: 20%

Many people work in the music industry which you depend on. This can include other musicians, engineers, designers, and other people who should be in your network. Promoting other artists’ content and events is always a good idea. You need to start networking within the music industry, to form connections with people that can help you on the way.

Self Promotion: 10%

You should not try to promote your music for more than 10% of your content. You may be posting content that counts as your marketing strategy, but strictly promotional content is another story. Over-advertising discourages people from seeking you out. There are ways to get people listening to your music without directly asking. For example, a poll asking which of these three new songs is the best. Anyone trying to answer the poll would need to listen to your new song.

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