LG Optimus 2X Review and Price in India

As you can see that in so many ways the concept of smart phone platform has been developing just like the development of computer. The history is more similar...
LG Optimus 2X

As you can see that in so many ways the concept of smart phone platform has been developing just like the development of computer. The history is more similar as we have been witnessing the same kinds of improvisation we saw in the early days of the computer and pc technology. Every time there have been different software and hardware platforms that have been modified to bring the perfect system and thus rapidly changing the lead players in the market. Faster and unique platform updates and development went on the rise to give newer and newer emergence of telecommunication technologies. We have extensively heard and read about just how striking similarity exists between the evolution of PC development and the current mobile phones, but one of the striking differences is the speed at which that the evolution is happening in the mobile space. Right from age old apple computers we have developed trendy and sleek PCs similarly right since first Nokia mobile models we have witnessed the rise of super fast and highly integrated smart mobile cell phones with dynamic and user friendly stuff brought into a mini size cell phone.

The use of Smart phones have gone beyond just making normal calls but also has integrated with the world wide web and with extensive graphics comparable to high definition computer graphics. Recently the launch of LG Optimus smart phones have set a trend of ultra cool phones with enhanced 3d graphic support which can enable a user to enjoy the experience of a computer right in his palms.

LG Smartphones have been the sensation recently with its pretty slick body and looks. It has been enabled for both 2G and 3G networks with dual core processor and GeForce graphic and android OS. This 139 gram cell is super quick and runs pretty smooth and does not experience any crash.

However LG smart phones have revolutionized the usage of smart phones with enhanced applications, super fineness and highly optimized with dynamic visuals. The LG Optimus 2X is powered by great graphics support and has 16 M color display with IPS LCD touchscreen which adds color and density to make images look high quality. The screen resolution is 480 X 800 which adds in depth display quality for the same. LG Optimus 2X is an advanced smart phone which has evolved over other smart phones with numerous improvements and changes. It has evolved up like a mini computer with enhanced speed, graphical integration, user friendly apps and HTML based browser with java support.

LG Optimus 2X is integrated with dual core processor which adds to its functioning to be superior ones even compared to other smart phones in its genre. One can get a feel of the color effects and graphic properties to the maximum limit. So one can browse through hi definition and high quality images and can store them in vast numbers due to advanced memory options. The memory used up to express better graphics resolution is taken care by the Nvidia GeForce graphic support which gives detailed color and density to images, movies and applications.


LG Optimus 2X Pros

Great Performance with dual core processors
Brilliant display quality
Big screen size that is getting trendy these days
HDMI support
Full HD quality Video recording

LG Optimus 2X Cons

Average audio quality
Camera quality is poor
LG android interface is not best in class
Should have come up with Android 2.3

LG Optimus 2X Price in India

As of 19th July, its market price is Rs. 24,449 only.

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