Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review and Price in India

This phone has come with the super-advantage of allowing you to access all the Google features you have always wanted to move around with-wherever you go. But since this...
Sony Ericsson Xperia

This phone has come with the super-advantage of allowing you to access all the Google features you have always wanted to move around with-wherever you go. But since this is a mobile phone, it has been designed with a standard and portable weight of only 117grams. The brilliantly slim size is only 125×3.3×8.7mm. A pocket size with the power to leave you connected to the fullest. When you buy it; there is a memory card whose capacity is 8GB which comes with it. But it has been designed to accommodate a memory card size of up to 32GB. The processor for this wonderful phone has a capacity of 1GHz. In addition the phone has a built in memory of 512MB which you can easily access extemporaneously.

When you are used to being too rough or busy with your gadgets, xperia Arc will give you the advantage of having a scratch resistant screen. The same screen is also a multi touch design with a resolution of 854x480pixels. For an average phone, this gives quality viewing and excellent display in the end. This phone will not allow your activities to stall when you input too many signals you desire. It is just the right phone for this type of business. What if you are into 3D games, would you still rely on Xperia Arc? The answer is a loud, YES! The phone is able to handle 3D gaming features even for as long as your gaming pleasure lasts. But most importantly, it also maintains the great quality of your games and allows you to come out smiling.

If you love remaining online and constantly being connected; then you are ready for the super-Google experience with this phone. To begin with, it will give you the Google Search provision while allowing you to access your Google account. In other words, gmail is right in your hands with this gadget. The sweetness of Music will not be out of reach with this super phone. You will have access to Google music with the quality playing options you have always dreamed about. Instead of just allowing you to listen to more music without knowing what is happening with the rest of your friends; Sonny Ericson Xperia Arc will also connect you to gtalk consistently. You can chat and use all the wonderful features of your gtalk account-not to forget your access to a powerful radio.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review


  • Ultra slim, beautiful design
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Slick, fast Android user interface
  • Good camera
  • Good web browser with flash support
  • Good music playback on headphones
  • Good call quality


  • No secondary camera (for video calling)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Price in India

Its price is Rs. 26,900 in Indian market.

If that doesn’t impress you that much, Xperia Arc will also manage to give you the freedom to access you-tube. Look at the movies you can get from there. In fact, getting the movies from you-tube is just the beginning. You will also have the ability to enjoy quality viewing of your movies. Whether the movies are from you-tube or you have downloaded them from another gadget, you-tube will still give you the viewing pleasure to the fullest. Talk about video streaming; or accessing your most wanted documents to the extent of reading them competently. Xperia Arc is definitely going to be your unforgettable best friend you need. This is no more than a snippet of the benefits you can get from Xperia Arc. More can be discovered after you buy this wonderful phone and make use of it.

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