Making a Brand Video: How to use Video Marketing for your Brand?

Do you know that 8 out of 10 consumers make a purchase immediately after watching a brand’s video? Moreover, over 45% of consumers come online just to check the...
Brand Video

Do you know that 8 out of 10 consumers make a purchase immediately after watching a brand’s video? Moreover, over 45% of consumers come online just to check the new brands in the market and their latest offers. These stats highlight the relevance of brand videos in taping the target audience. Building a brand is not an easy task, but the concept of creating brand videos can help in easing out the process.

Let’s have a look at the major types of brand videos used by marketers to create awareness about their brand:

  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • About us
  • Tutorials
  • Workshop and webinar
  • Vlogs
  • Promos
  • Announcement

A video is a crucial piece that a company should add to its marketing mix. Marketers must ensure that the videos they share on social media represent their brand in the finest way possible. They should use an online YouTube intro maker to create quality brand videos. Let’s understand how companies can use brand video marketing to resonate with their target audience.


Determine the Objective

93% of brands claimed that video content helped them in getting new customers. Marketers should, first of all, think about their prime motive for releasing videos online. They should have a clear vision that is aligned with the brand responsiveness goals. For instance, if a brand is looking forward to creating brand awareness, it should go for inspirational or entertaining videos.

Interesting facts or stats about the industry will attract more customers. Brands that wish to redirect organic traffic to their website should try creating enticing teasers. Decorating them with catchy slogans and behind-the-camera scenes can fetch the best results.

Example: Lush knows very well how to drive sales by creating a sense of urgency in the customers.

Think about the Audience

Brand Video

You see, a single video cannot resonate with every audience. It makes it crucial for brands to first understand the people they are trying to reach out to.

Here are some simple questions that will help marketers in knowing their audience better:

  • What is the age group?
  • Which visuals will attract them?
  • What are their common hobbies and interests?
  • How much do the consumers know about the brand?
  • What more would they like about the brand?

If the target is acquiring new customers, showing the basics of the industry can do the job. However, if the marketers are talking to their existing consumers, the prime focus should be on adding value beyond what they already know.

Example: Nohohon Tea Room is an ideal example of effective content targeting.

Adding Value to the Video Content

It is a crucial factor that is often overlooked by marketers. Just because it is a promotional video, brands must refrain from blindly following any standard or boring content pattern. Its prime motive should be to add value to its target audience. A good branded video should be informative and interesting that will enrich the life of the viewers in one way or the other.

Let’s just say that marketers should focus on making the content worth watching and sharing. They can take clues from one of the very ordinary and less known brands, Lume Deodorant. It is a compelling and entertaining video that aims to attract the target audience with its witty content. The result is, consumers have started to identify the brand as its video made them laugh and happy.

Visual Branding is Crucial

Visual branding is essential to attain the objectives of brand awareness and brand building. Remember the ‘M’ that means a McDonald’s outlet is nearby. It should be the ultimate motto of every brand, instant recognition. How can a brand achieve instant recognition?


  • Associating the video with its brand looks
  • Incorporating essential brand colors within the frame
  • Maintaining the video editing style every time a new video is rolled out
  • Adding a watermark logo at a prominent spot on the screen

Example: Another example of visual branding is Big Mac.

Maintain the Consistency

Videos are just an extension of a brand’s identity. Marketers must ensure that they maintain the consistency of brand message and voice in all their marketing materials. They can select from several styles or formats from a free intro maker that goes well with the brand.

Other elements that will help in maintaining the consistency of the brand videos are:

These factors will help in transforming familiarity and favourability and recognition. Marketers can take some cues from the brand website and its older videos to create perfectly in-tuned content.

Example: Vlogger and popular yoga teacher Silke Dewulf’s videos are a perfect example of consistent content.


Interestingly, almost 99% of brands plan to continue using brand videos to boost the ROI in 2020 also. Video marketing can help companies in establishing their brands successfully. To enjoy the highest engagement and best ratings, marketers should focus more on brand videos. They should trust the best online video creation tools to make this overwhelming process easier.

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