What Are The Top 10 Best Online Games

We all know how cool it is to play on a PS4, and Xbox One, the hybrid of Nintendo to a powerful PC. But sometimes we neglect other types...

We all know how cool it is to play on a PS4, and Xbox One, the hybrid of Nintendo to a powerful PC. But sometimes we neglect other types of devices that are currently offering games to take off the hat and that can compete with some desktop titles. We are talking about mobile video games, which since the arrival, years ago, of Candy Crush Saga have only done more than grow and improve their gameplay systems, content and product quality for gamers

Entertainment is served; From adventure games, sports and betting in casino, online fun no longer have to be associated with a poor visual experience. Now the scenes are very amazing and realistic!

Luckily for fans, the offer of casino games continues to grow. Just access our trusted online casino to verify that we have an extensive catalog of slots, roulette tables, or blackjacks, detailed reviews of each casino game with its full characteristics. What is the best online casino game? It is difficult to answer this question, since for taste colors, and everything depends on the preferences of each player. We are going to discover the best online games.


PUBG Mobile: the best battle royale for Android

PUBG Mobile

Although Fortnite is more popular, PUBG is the game that created the battle royale genre and defined its basic rules. Its mobile version, PUBG Mobile, is just as excellent as the PC version, both for its graphics and its gameplay. Essentially, the game is to parachute onto an island with 99 other players. Once on the surface, the goal will be to fight every one against everyone (or in teams) until only one survives (the winner).

On the island, you will find weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and other objects that will allow you to destroy your enemies. For this, you must be agile, because you will practically always be surrounded. Luckily, the controls are simple, easy to control, and, also, you have the option of playing with a Bluetooth controller to take advantage of your rivals. In short, a highly recommended game if you are looking for strategic action and not a very casual game.

Call of Duty Mobile: the quintessential first-person shooter

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a game that brings together all the good things about this franchise, which already has a place of honor in the FPS (first-person shooting) genre. In this mobile installment, you will be able to enjoy different game modes, including the typical Call of Duty 5 vs. 5, we also have a 100-player battle royale mode and even a sniper vs. sniper mode.

The maps you’ll be playing on COD Mobile come from other games in the franchise – there are several from Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Of course, the wide variety of weapons, outfits, and equipment is not lacking in this game. Furthermore, it offers you the possibility to create a clan with your friends to fight against other clans in epic battles. Without a doubt, a game that must be on your Android yes or yes if you like shooting games.

Video bingo


The latest trend in the world of slots is video bingo, a game that combines the excitement of slots and the dynamics of bingo. This is one of the trending casino game and I am going to give you a detailed review of this casino game. The player starts the game with the cards he buys, and the balls with the numbers are extracted from the drum. Of course, they are all extracted at the same time, at a vertigo rate, so that we will quickly know which numbers we have and which we do not. As in the case of slot machines, there are different combinations or pay lines available, so there is no need to sing bingo to win.

Another point to highlight of this game is that unlike what happens in bingo, where the prize depends on the players there are and the number of cards sold, the video bingo payment system is like that of slot machines. so we do not depend on the presence of other users to qualify for a grand prize. Unfortunately, some casinos do not include video bingo in their offer, but more and more are not only incorporating them but also offering us bonuses to play free video bingo.

FIFA Mobile: the game you need if you are a soccer lover

FIFA Mobile

Another great video game franchise for PC and consoles that also has a mobile game is FIFA. In this case, FIFA Mobile is free and tries to offer us the same experience as the original game, although not as successfully. Either way, the great thing about FIFA Mobile is that it allows you to create your Ultimate Team to take on football matches (eleven vs. eleven players) against your friends or people from anywhere in the world.

It also offers a quick game mode for playing a friendly football match, as well as the ability to play the biggest European club competitions: the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. By the way, the squads of all the teams are constantly updated in this FIFA Mobile. In terms of graphics, the game is not bad, although, of course, it is not the same as on PC or consoles.

Minecraft: create great worlds with your friends


What can be said about Minecraft that has not been saying before? It is probably the most influential game in recent years, and best of all, it never goes out of style. It is a basic, light game (works on any Android) and in which you can spend many hours having fun with your friends or with anyone in the world.

If you do not know what Minecraft consists of, it is a creation game located in an infinite world where the main thing is to obtain resources. Almost all of these resources are cubes that you can stack in different ways to create a castle, a house, a soccer stadium, a city, or whatever you imagine. Hence, it is better to play it with friends so that, together, they create great things. It also has a survival mode, where you will have to defend yourself against dangerous creatures.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack

One of the essential casino games is blackjack, and the American version is the most popular form,so I have given a detailed casino review. It is easy to find it with names like Atlantic City, and it is a duel between the player and the dealer with the sole objective of adding 21 points to the value of the cards. The dynamic is very simple since the player receives two cards and must try to beat a bank that is obliged to ask for a card if he adds 16 or less and to stand when he adds 17 or more.

Linking a blackjack is not easy, but it is better than banking. To do this, we can follow the basic blackjack strategy table that tells us when we should ask for a card or stand if we want to beat the bank. At this point, it should be emphasized that card counting at blackjack is a sterile strategy, especially if we play online blackjack. In movies, it can work, but in real life, it doesn’t.

In American blackjack, the Surrender rule applies, which allows us to surrender and recover half of the initial bet if we suspect that the bank may have blackjack after seeing their uncovered card and our initial hand is bad. We can play American multi-hand blackjack, managing several hands at the same time; and if we have the letter repeated we always have the possibility of dividing up to three times.

Motorsport Manager Online: the best F1 manager for Android

Motorsport Manager Online

In Motorsport Manager Online you will lead a professional racing team to compete online with the teams of other players from around the world. Multiplayer races can be up to 10 players, so they are very exciting, especially when the Motorsport Championship takes place where the best players each week face each other to see who is the best of all.

Unlike the other games in this franchise, in Motorsport Manager Online you can sign all Formula E 2019-20 drivers. Of course, you can also modify every technical detail of your car to get the best out of it and show your friends that you are the best F1 manager.

League of Legends

League of Legends

The popular game displaced “Dota 2” from the top, where its creators, Riot Games, customized creation with characteristics similar to the previously mentioned game. “LoL” has been widely accepted and has led to the addition of millions of players from around the world and even the creation of world cups of the game. League of Legends is completely free and easily accessible.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Commonly called “WoW”, it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by “Blizzard Entertainment”, which has won several awards, both for its soundtrack and for its gameplay. Like League of Legends, it has had a massive worldwide acceptance, but unlike this game was released in 2004.



One of the largest social networks on the Internet, operated by the company “Sulake Corporation” and launched to the public in August 2000. The game is so massive that it has been estimated that around 75 thousand people join daily and that there are around 100 million accounts in the world.


So far the list of the best online multiplayer games, I have added all types of popular games and have descried each of them briefly. I have also given an honest and detailed review of a few casino games. We hope you liked it and that you are already playing one of these games right now with your remote friends.

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