Motovlogging Tips For Begginers

Dreaming of your next ride on the open road, with all the wind in your jacket? What if I told you that you could make money pursuing that dream?...

Dreaming of your next ride on the open road, with all the wind in your jacket? What if I told you that you could make money pursuing that dream? A motovlog is a video blog recorded by a rider, with the camera being on their person as they are riding their motorcycle. They are becoming increasingly popular on social media, and you could earn your income in this way. Here are some tips so you can begin.


Create a YouTube Channel

It is better if you start your YouTube Channel before you ever go on a ride. In this way, you are more motivated to start motovlogging, as you will feel obligated. Don’t forget to boost your channel using YoutubeStorm, so you can start your motovlogging journey with an already established channel, ready to be monetized.  

Roughly Plan Your Route

This applies even if you aren’t filming anything, a rough plan will ensure you don’t get lost. Also, it makes for a better video when you don’t stop for directions continuously. Try to imagine the route before you go on it – so that all the information is readily available as you ride. 

Having a GPS installed on your bike is also helpful, you can enter your entire route and drive accordingly. Alternatively, you could choose to use Google Maps or a similar application on your smartphone to navigate. Remember that headphones (wired or not) are a must in this case. You don’t want to keep looking at the GPS! 

Camera Angle

It wouldn’t be a motovlog without something to film the video. There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect camera setup. First, you need to decide on an angle. You might prefer to shoot your video from the side, or the front of your helmet (head-mounted). Or, you might wish to shoot from chin-level. One of the major differences is that the chin-mounted camera offers less movement as you wouldn’t be moving the camera when you move your head. 

Note that a chin-mounted camera will create a video with the closest point of view as yours. You might also choose to add a second camera, mounted to your bike. Try to pick out the highest definition cameras you can afford, for better quality videos. 



It might sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that you need to make sure all your gear is appropriate for the weather you will expect on your ride. You definitely don’t want to go on a ride and find that your camera is drenched and stopped working. Also, check the weather forecast to save yourself some unpleasant surprises. Remember that your safety comes first, as motorcyclists are more likely to be affected by weather changes. 


The most important thing you need to pay close attention to is your safety. Make sure your bike is in riding condition, and that all your equipment is checked. There are many vlogs that end with crashes, and although they get many views, it isn’t worth losing your life for.

Edit Your Videos

After you have finished your ride and have filmed a complete video of your entire ride, you will probably need to edit it. Basic editing includes stitching the video feed from your multiple cameras. Also, some parts of the video might warrant cutting out, but don’t overdo it.

Most moto vloggers keep the original audio, only cleaning up the noise slightly. The best tip for clean audio in your motovlog is to have a helmet that is airtight. If you do not wish to keep the original audio, you might want to add appropriate music instead. 

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