Must Consider Mobile Phone Features – Buying Guide

Your mobile phone features determine exactly how well you can use it. A full feature phone does come with a higher price tag than basic models. But for those...

Your mobile phone features determine exactly how well you can use it. A full feature phone does come with a higher price tag than basic models. But for those who will make optimum use of all the phone features, paying the higher price may well be worthwhile. The best way to find good deals is to compare features before you buy one. Here are a few that you can look for:

Internet Connectivity

If you would like to use your mobile phone to access your emails when on the move then you can opt for low cost smartphones or WAP enabled mobile phones. Speed and reliability of the connection will depend hugely on the phone’s capabilities and also that of your service provider. You can find many attractive and cheap offers from service providers offering talk-time and internet browsing packages. Before you opt for any such package it is important to evaluate the extent to which you will use the internet or make voice calls using the mobile phone. You can choose a plan that offers good value for money based on your needs.


One of the most commonly found phones features is a camera. A 10 to 12 mega pixel camera will give you clear and well defined images when you click pictures. However, even a 5- 6 mega pixel camera will allow the image quality to be retained without distortion when you enlarge the image within reasonable limits. For almost any mobile phone user who isn’t a professional photographer, this camera should do well enough.


The mobile phone deals that offer the cheapest phones may not always be a good buy. When you see an attractive offer, make sure the phone is from a reputed brand and not an unknown one. Unknown brands may not have good service coverage at all locations and this means that if your phone malfunctions, you will be left without a way to get it rectified. Some top brands in UK with good to excellent service coverage are HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, iPhone, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, O2 and 3 Mobile.


For most people, their phone is practically an extension of their arm. Your mobile phone will go everywhere that you travel. Given this, it is necessary for you to buy a phone that can take extensive wear and tear without damage. Check if the casing is resilient enough to protect the delicate electronic components inside even if you drop it accidentally. It should be reasonably water tight too just in case you get caught in an unexpected shower outdoors. Durability and resilience are important features to look for.

When considering durability, also make sure that the phone fits comfortably in your palm and the casing is textured to give enough grip. This will minimize the chances of the phone slipping out of your fingers accidentally.

Once you have completed your comparison of the features of various phones and looked at user reviews to identify models that are popular in the market, you can compare prices. Remember that identifying the phone that has the features you want should be the first step in buying a mobile phone. Otherwise you could end up buying a cheap phone that does not really serve your needs at all.

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