Top 10 2-Player Android Games

Today many people tend to search for different multiplayer or 2 player android games on Internet and in android market. For all the people who want to have some...
multiPlayer Android Games

Today many people tend to search for different multiplayer or 2 player android games on Internet and in android market. For all the people who want to have some of the best 2 player android games here is a list of top 10 games, which you should have in your device.


1. Cestos 2

Being a game enthusiasts you might be aware of the previous version of the game and the same is developed for the android based devices with more game modes, more players, more achievements and more customization you must have this 2, 3, 4 player games according to your choice.

2. Home Run Battle

This game won Sport game award in 2009, and is a multiplayer game dedicated to score more home runs. This game gives you an opportunity to taste your skills against the best hounds in the game with many features like full 3D interface, side by side with picture-by-picture online match ups you need to have a large storing capacity for internal memeory, which can be more than 20MB.

3. Age of Emergence

This is one of the first location-based games, which works on GPS technology is all about fighting and having to communicate with other players. Within the game, you have to create a virtual world for yourself with planting trees, marking your flags, and collecting all the required stuff when you are on a traveling spree.

4. Gang Wars Lite

This is one of the online mafia games, which needs second player where in you have to set your own mafia world, and by earning large sum of income by getting involved in earning by investing. You can use your earnings to buy weapons to strengthen your mafia world, fight enemies to earn their money and respect as well do all the activities which will prove you to be the best mafia.

5. Sketch Online

This is just like a game for enacting where in you have to draw a word, which is provided to you, and others have to guess the word. A better time pass and fun whenever and wherever you require entertaining yourself.

6. Project INF

If you like marines, navy seals and you are interesting in shooting then this is a must have game where in you can play by masking as a marine, scout or Brute for whom a special skill set of weapon is provided. This is one of the best shooting games on android phones.

7. Player Reactor

Due to any reasons if you are not connected to Internet then this are the best offline 2 player games, which can be played on single device. The whole concept is to first one to react and is good to check the response time of the players on providing some clue on the screen to the players.

8. Uniwar

This is the online multiplayer turn based strategy game for android devices, where in players have to build their own army and find strategic ways to fight their enemies. With variety of features and options, this game goes on becoming more exciting and thrilling as you pass on from one map to another.

9. Robo Defense

One of the most addictive games on android platform which can be played in different ways and using different weapons with three level difficulty for tower defense.

10. Modern Combat 2

The game especially designed for best FPS controls for android providing smooth and exciting gaming experience. With selection of different battlefields and different weapons, this game can be played one on one and with groups against groups and by forming different teams to carry out military operations.

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