Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps You Should Have

With thousands of Android applications on the market, it can be really difficult to sift through all of them and find the ones that might be useful for you....
Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps You Should Have

With thousands of Android applications on the market, it can be really difficult to sift through all of them and find the ones that might be useful for you. Furthermore, with apps that tend to offer both free versions and paid versions, the market is flooded with choices. These 10 Android applications are the best of the best. While most of them have free versions, buying the full or pro version is extremely worthwhile. Check out these 10 apps for better phone use, higher productivity, and more fun.

1. EasyTether: Though this application does have a free version, if you find the free version useful it’s probably worth dish out the extra cash for the full version. EasyTether allows you to tether between several different machines and operating systems using only your phone and this application. With tethering capabilities to Windows, Mac OS X, PS3, Wii, and Xbox, this application works for almost any computer and Android user. You can also share your phone’s internet connection with you PC. This application is perfect for individuals who are busy and constantly on the go.

2. Documents ToGo: This application is essential for Android users who want to use their phone’s full potential. Enabling you to open Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, Documents ToGo lets you also create and edit documents with ease. With this app you can save files on your Android phone, share these files with friends, and password protect your files.

3. Weather Bug Elite: With a minor price tag (only $1.99), Weather Bug Elite unlocks endless weather info for Android users. With the latest current conditions, forecasts, radar, alerts, and much more, Weather Bug helps to keep you informed about the weather and stay on top of important weather news throughout the country and your immediate area. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm when you weren’t expecting it. Use Weather Bug to never be caught off guard by Mother Nature.

4. Gentle Alarm: As an Android user myself, my biggest complaint has to be the built in alarm system that came with my phone. The volume is too loud and the chimes are annoying with few options to choose from. The Gentle Alarm application allows you to choose a specific song that you’d like to wake too and you can customize the volume. But this app does so much more too. Using the science of sleep to gently wake you up, Gentle Alarm will play a pre-alarm 30 minutes before you are set to wake up to ease you into consciousness.

5. MyBackup Pro: This application is a must for any Android user. If you’ve ever experienced losing your hard drive on your computer, you know the devastation of losing all of your music, documents, photos, and more from your computer. With Android phones quickly taking over many of the uses computer once had for individuals, losing material on your phone can be just as devastating. This app backs up all of your phone’s content safely and securely. Never lose your contacts, music, photos, or messages again.

6. Twydroid Pro: This is without a doubt one of the best paid Android applications for Twitter users. As one of the most popular Twitter application platforms, Twydroid Pro has several useful features and tools that the free version does not offer. Twydroid Pro supports multiple Twitter accounts, different themes, video messages, support, desktop widgets, shake to refresh, and a zoom viewfinder. This application is fully customizable to all of your personal needs.

7. SMS Commander: While this app is little known now, it is a necessity for any forgetful mobile user. SMS Commander allows you to control your phone via text message. This can help you find your phone when it is lost by receiving a Google Map of the phone’s location, you can un-silence your phone, lock your phone, get missed calls, get battery information, and forward text messages all through text commands.

8. BetterCut: This application allows you to customize your phone’s interface to be exactly the way you want to use it. You can make shortcuts to any application or location on your home screen. If you are an Android pro, BetterCut is the application for you. If you have a ton of applications downloaded already, this app lets you spend less time searching for them on your device. You can create website shortcuts and change shortcut icons. This app is great of Android users who want a completely customized mobile experience.

9. Locale: This app is one of the coolest and most interesting apps on the Android market. Automatically adjusting your phone’s settings based on where you are located, Locale is a really neat little app that can really come in handy. By using your GPS and WiFi connections, the app will recognize when you are at work and can go into silent mode. Locale will also remind you of upcoming events and appointments, so that you are always prepared and never late. Get Locale and let your phone take care of itself pretty neat.

10. VNC Viewer: Allowing you to connect with any remote machines and change anything without having to store the changes on your phone, this app is a must for the ultimate Android user. You can use your Android phone to edit documents on your computer at home or change something on your computer at work. Making life immensely easier when you are on the go or out of town, VNC Viewer is a small price to pay for access to all of your computers from the palm of your hand.

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