Top 5 Android Video Editor Apps

Usually we were entitled to view or shoot videos occasionally, we were in habit of preserving them as cherishable memories, and now with the advent of technology this has...
Android Video Editor

Usually we were entitled to view or shoot videos occasionally, we were in habit of preserving them as cherishable memories, and now with the advent of technology this has taken a new leap. We shoot videos not for our sake but we like to share them with our friends and family as well with the large community present on internet. After lenses and cameras became integral part of mobile handsets video capturing became a common thing amongst all its users. With the introduction of new technologies and new software’s editing these videos as per the movies we see and providing it animation and graphic effects become all the more easy. You tube has provided a big platform to all the amateur video editors and cinematographers to display their skills and talent to the world.

More and more people started using these services and eventually they noticed the need of video editing applications to make their various videos more appealing and thrilling. As an android user, many people tend to search for different android video editor applications on internet and in android market. This provides them a facility to edit their videos on the mobile itself without doing the cumbersome task of loading it on desktop and later using different software’s to edit them. If you are the one looking for these different android video-editing applications then here is a list of some great applications, which will help you zero your search.


1. VidTrim Pro

This is one of the best video editing software’s available for all platforms of android and with easy to use interface this is surely necessary have application if you are looking for great video editing application. It is useful in trimming, frame grabbing and Trans coding of your videos along with easy interface of sharing the edited video with your friends. It is advised that you use the trial version first before going for the fully functional paid version.

2. Snip Video Trimmer

Before uploading your videos on internet, you can give it a final touch right on your android device using this application, which is intended to trim your video clips. You can shorten the length and duration of long videos for easy upload and even can make a ringtone out of it.

3. Clesh Video Editor

This advanced android video editor application allows you to shoot videos and edit them in cloud where in you can advance feature through browser on android device. One of the best applications to share stills from your videos with accurate frame-to-frame editing, [provides android as well the desktop access and easy publishing platform on Facebook.

4. Time-Lapse

With this application, you can create our own artistic time lapse videos, which can be easily uploaded to YouTube. You can easily Click and shot your time-lapse videos at resolution of 176×144 to 2048×1536 having playback rate of 3fps. All these edited videos are saved directly as .mov files and provides an ease to share them on YouTube.

5. Android Movie Studio

This is a special movie or video editing application developed by Google that is compatible with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). In the first phase, this will not be applicable to any lower versions of android and it will have all the necessary editing features including transition, audio import, splicing and A/V timeline with multi-format export and sharing options. The app is not available as of now and much details are also not revealed, stay tuned for more updates on this.

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