Top 5 Apple iPhone and iTouch Apps for Girls

In the quest of finding out the best apps for Apple iPhone and iTouch from millions of choices available on iTunes Store, this time we have gathered few of...
Top 5 Apple iPhone and iTouch Apps for Girls
Rendering of the forthcoming iPhone 5 based on leaked parts.

In the quest of finding out the best apps for Apple iPhone and iTouch from millions of choices available on iTunes Store, this time we have gathered few of the best apps for Women and girls. These apps are designed for feminine use and very cheap.

1: Period Tracker Deluxe: GP Apps, 1.99 $

This is a fantastic little app available for a relatively small fee from the app store. There are quite a few of these apps available that allow you to track your period but Period Tracker Deluxe is pretty much the best one I have come across so far. Not only does it tell you how many days until your next period date but it will also calculate your average cycle length (based on your last periods) and will tell you your most fertile days and ovulation day. It also gives you the option to add any notes to any of the days on the calendar, for example you can add the note that you were intimate today or that your period ended today. You can also add moods, for example you can keep a record if you are feeling cramps or headaches. There are many different moods available that cover almost anything that you will feel during your period. The app also allows you to track your weight and will even create a graph for you showing how it has changed over time and during your period. As well as all of this the app also looks great, allowing you to change the skin to make it more personal to you. At just a few dollars this is a great buy for any woman wanting to track her period, I would highly recommend it.

2: iStylist Makeover: Styler Design, 0.99 $

The idea of iStylist is to guide you in the world of fashion, the app will cleverly figure out what type of clothes suits you best based on your figure. The app has many options such as finding the perfect dress or skirt for you. When you launch the app it will ask you to select a photo of yourself to work with. You can either select a photo that you already have on your iPhone or you can use the built in camera to take an entirely new one. Once you have selected a photo you will be given the option to select a new hairstyle. There are many hairstyles to choose from and you will be surprised how good they look. Once you have completed your new look you might want an opinion from a friend. The app allows you to email your creation directly from the app so you can get an opinion on your new look. There are many other things you can do with this app and there isn’t enough time to go into it in this short list so I recommend you buy the app and see for yourself. The app is available from the app store for just a few dollars.

3: Cooking Mama: TAITO Corp, Free Lite + 6.99 $

Cooking Mama is a great game for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you have a Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii then you might possibly be familiar with the concept. The idea is that you are the cook, and you are working in Mama’s kitchen. You will be responsible for cooking many dishes and if Mama doesn’t like it then you will get a low score. The app has many different dishes that you can cook and will include many different tasks such as cutting up vegetables and stirring the pot to ensure that nothing burns. The app is great fun and there is hours of game play. The app makes use of all the features of the iPhone using its accelerometer to replicate tossing a pancake on one of the levels. The app is available from the app store for just a few dollars and for the amount of game play you get with the app it is well worth spending the money on. The game is very quirky and has a cartoon like feel to it making it perfect for children or even adults, if you have a playful side that is.”

4: Airport mania: Reflexive Entertainment, Free Lite + 4.99$

Airport mania is another fantastic game available for both the iPod touch and iPhone. In the game you are in charge of an airport and you will be responsible for landing the planes, repairing the planes and painting the planes. Like Cooking mama this app also has quite a cartoony look to it and is very pleasing on the eye. There are probably hundreds of different levels available giving you hours and hours of game play. For the levels you will get either a one, two or three star mark depending on how well you did and as you get more and more addicted to the game, you will not stop until you get that 3 star rating. There is also the ability to win a series of awards in the game, for example if you land a plane with an ill passenger on board you will receive an award. Overall this is another fantastic game for the iPhone/iPod touch and is available for just a few dollars from the app store.

5: NikeWomen Training Club: Nike, Free

If you want to lose weight or get fitter then this is the app for you. The NikeWomen app includes many training videos on how to get in shape and allows you to plan your own personal training programme. There is also an option to share your progress with your friends progress which I feel is a very useful feature. This app is perfect for keeping track of your exercise and how much weight you have lost and will help to guide you to lose even more weight. I have used this app myself for the past 2 – 3 months and I have found it very easy to use and have actually managed to lose a few pounds myself. All you have to do to use the app is create a free account with NikeWomen and you’re ready to go. The best part of it all is that this app is available free from the app store. So if you want to lose weight go and download this app right now. What have you got to lose?

I hope that you would love the apps listed here. If you want to add some more, please comment.

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