What’s the Best Style for a Home Office?

Remote working is the new normal for a huge percentage of us now, and with that comes some stunning office interior design trends that are perfect for anyone that’s...
Home Office

Remote working is the new normal for a huge percentage of us now, and with that comes some stunning office interior design trends that are perfect for anyone that’s wanting to revamp their workspace! We have looked at some of our favourite trends and how you can replicate them at home.


1. Minimalistic

When you’re sat at your desk, you only need a few things, and the fewer distractions, the better. A minimalistic approach means that you only have the things that you really need out on your desk while everything else stays put away. This style is perfect for those who find themselves drifting away from their work a lot, as it limits any distraction, and it’s also a really good way to keep your desk clear and spacious, providing you plenty of space to carry out your tasks with no bother.

2. Green and clean

Having a potted plant on your desk will really brighten the place up, as well as offer some air-purifying qualities, which is perfect while you’re working. You can get something bright and colourful like an orchid, or if you prefer something a little more understated, something like a snake plant or a succulent are both great options. It’s better to pick a plant that’s pretty resilient in case you forget to water it, as it’s pretty demotivating to sit and stare at a dying plant throughout the day and make sure that it’s getting plenty of light while sitting on your desk.

3. Fun stationery

We really love the minimalist style, but it definitely isn’t for everyone, so for anyone out there who enjoys having some more personal items on their desk to make it feel comfortable for them, being able to pick out your own stationery is a perfect option. Colourful post-it notes are a good option for anyone who’s got a lot to remember, as well as a trusty notepad and some colourful pens and pencils. Highlighting important notes or ticking things off your to-do list can keep you very productive, and a lot of people find that this is the only way that they can properly keep on top of their work.

Home Office

4. Bold and bright

2021 is the year of bright colours, and this still applies in any home office! Working from home and being able to arrange your office to suit you, means that you can also choose your own colour scheme, which doesn’t usually happen in a typical office. This has resulted in some absolutely stunning combos that we would never have previously seen, stepping away from the traditional whites and introducing stunning, rich colours that make your workspace really pop. You can do this by adding some cute additions in your favourite colours, or if you’re feeling bolder, get the paintbrushes out and make yourself a feature wall!

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5. Relocate

When the pandemic began, most of us thought that working from home would only be a temporary experience and that we’d be back in our offices within a few weeks, but this wasn’t the case for a lot of people. Because of this, a large number of workers didn’t properly create a specific office space; rather, they set up apartments for rent in Joliet il. Now, home working is likely to be the standard indefinitely, which means if you haven’t already, it’s the perfect time to set yourself up a properly designated workspace in your home.

6. Put some music on

Having music on when you work helps to boost motivation and keep you focused, and can also contribute to your productivity levels as well. Working from home means that you don’t find yourself fighting over the radio channel or the playlist with other employees in the office with different tastes, so you can enjoy the songs that you love all day long! You can do this by adding a radio to the room you work in or by bringing a speaker or two. You can also search Spotify for work playlists that other people have made or make your own to share with your work pals!

7. Eco-friendly

Working from home has meant that there’s a lot less paper flying around, resulting in a huge amount of companies across the country deciding to go paperless and reducing their carbon footprint. While this isn’t exactly a trend, it’s a wonderful improvement for the environment, and you can do your bit by only printing things that are essential, as well as transitioning to using online notebooks that you can share with your co-workers to collaborate on tasks – a great way to stay organised and make life easier when you’re working from home.

With all sorts of ways to redecorate your workspace and make the most of office interior design trends, no matter your personal taste and style, you can redesign your desk to make it perfect for you!

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