Why Modern Election Campaigns Are Fought Online

Have you ever tried breaking a teen away from their cell phone for just a minute to ask them what they’d like for dinner or how their day went...
Election Campaigns

Have you ever tried breaking a teen away from their cell phone for just a minute to ask them what they’d like for dinner or how their day went at school? Chances are you may get an answer several hours later, if at all. Actually, the same holds true for adults but we are less likely to admit it. Most consumers have at least one or two social profiles which we check regularly throughout the day, and we also spend a great deal of time texting away. We may not be quite as addicted to texting as our kids are, but we can’t deny the fact that we spent a great deal of time corresponding in the digital realm.


Broad Reach

It isn’t called the World Wide Web for nothing. There is no broader reach than the internet so when it comes to targeting the largest audience possible, this is the best option. Most modern voters are connected, and of them, most are active on social media. If a politician wants to wage war on the opponent, there is no better way to reach a majority of voters than where they can be found. That would be online.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Having said that, most politicians wage a multi-channel war in that the internet is only part of how they campaign. Voters can still hear ads on the radio and watch them on television, but they are likely to remember those online political marketing strategies so much more. The reason for this is engagement and social media would give voters the best way to interact with a candidate or the party to which they are registered. Another channel used effectively when on the campaign trail would be SMS text messaging platforms that get the word out where voters can also be found, and that is on their mobile phones.

elections online

Ease of Targeting Audiences

The Anedot SMS tool for political campaigns is a right-leaning text messaging tool used most often in seeking donations for political campaigns as well as for charitable organizations. It can be paired nicely with an MMs tool to show images and videos of politicians on the campaign trail and when used in conjunction with social media and other marketing channels, the Anedot SMS tool does this quite well.

Potential Safety Issues of Late

Although this final reason why modern elections are fought online may sound a bit farfetched, it actually isn’t totally off base. If asked why politicians choose to do battle online, they might respond that with SARS-CoV-2 still mutating with variants of concern, online campaigning may be far safer. Isn’t it safer to campaign online than to go out in the middle of a community that is seeing another surge due to a rapidly multiplying variant or sub-variant of this potentially lethal virus?

Some voters simply aren’t comfortable with returning to business as usual yet and some politicians feel the same. In the hope that Covid is truly waning, political rallies may be as safe as ever, but they surely won’t have the reach that the internet will. That is why campaigns are fought online.

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