Best Android SMS App that are Free Too

When mobile phones were invented, it was never thought about the wide area of comfort and use it would cover in future. With recent changes and technological developments, Mobile...
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When mobile phones were invented, it was never thought about the wide area of comfort and use it would cover in future. With recent changes and technological developments, Mobile phones have become a habit more than necessity. Previously we use to post a letter or card to convey some massage then we moved on to emails and now text messages on mobile phones or SMS (Short Messaging Services) we can reach anyone instantaneously. Almost all the handsets in the market and few cordless and traditional phones every instrument is enabled with SMS facility. As we have become addicted to, cell phones more and more people have been addicted to SMS facilities. With the invention of different applications and utilities, which can be used on Smartphone’s SMS, is getting a wider aspect of communication channel. Most of the people using android-based mobile phones tend to look for the SMS applications that will enhance the way of SMS communication.

If you are the one, who is looking out for some cool Android SMS applications then here is a list of few applications, which might come handy in your searching endeavor.

1. Handcent SMS

To fully unveil the messaging power and to make your android device more powerful this is necessary have application in your device with fully customizable and more interesting features. The best part of the application is it supports all the android devices starting from first generation to latest 2.3 versions. Although there are many advantages and features of this application some of the great features which are worth mentioning are full SMS/MMS support, 20+language support, group sending options, customizable look with additional of different themes, security lock options and built in spell checker.

2. Chomp SMS

To get something different feel from regular SMS features this is the best SMS application for your android with chat style bubbles, pictures for contacts, quick reply, signatures, templates, blacklisting, free themes and many more. If you and your friends are using TextFreek services then all the SMS will be free, just make sure for TextFreek you need to have Firmware 2.2 and above.

3. Go SMS

For fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience, group SMS, scheduler, encryption, folder management, themes and many personalized settings this is the only SMS application that offers security settings and backup recovery. With PIN based locking system you can get a lock within locking facility to make sure no sneaky noses and sneaky eyes ever has access to your personal SMS.

4. Google Voice

Although Google Voice lacks in looks as you will not be able to customize its looks with some funky themes but you will be able to send free text messages and sync it with your Google account. Make sure you do have Google Voice on your android device as it comes handy whenever you visit a place having Wi-Fi connectivity or whenever you want to make any international calls.

5. Here I Am 2

This is a cool application to let people know about your location whenever you send an SMS, which is encrypted with your co-ordinates and link to Google map. The same link can be used as an end-point on maps application on another android device, which can be used to get the driving directions.

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