10 Best Android Backup Apps

With the use of Mobile phones that are enabled with expandable memory for which micro SD cards are used it has become a habit among most of the people...
Best Android Backup Apps

With the use of Mobile phones that are enabled with expandable memory for which micro SD cards are used it has become a habit among most of the people to store some personal date in these devices. With the invention of android OS, it has provided to store data of all kinds and all formats, which can be easily accessed on the devices. Many people make use of the facility by storing their important data on SD cards and on android-based handsets. In an awe of doing so they forget to keep the back up of this, data that becomes impossible to retrieve after either lost or damage of handset. Android has made sure that there are plenty of backup and restore applications that will help their users to get out such misery.

If you are looking for some advantageous and accredited android backup applications then you might find the following list interesting that will give you a vogue idea about the best backup applications to download when you are in search of one.


1. Mobile Backup II

All the data including contacts, SMS, calendar and call logs is taken care of by backing then on your SD cards only to restore them in case of any problem. This application is designed to support all the versions of android OS starting from 1.5 to Version 2.3.

2. APN Backup and Restore

APN is require for the people who use internet frequently on their phones and this application is designed to restore PN’s with only a touch. When you are dealing with this application make, sure you have backup your APN settings, which is important for managing your internet connection.

3. Backup Master

When you are need of an application to backup everything from your phone including MMS, SMS, Applications, System Settings, and even alarms then this is the best android application for the same.

4. MyBackup Pro

This application helps to store all your data in your phone along with the applications on an online server, although facility to back up your data on SD card is also available. Online storing of data is a best way to store it at remote location as their chances that any harm to card can again cause loss of data.

5. Sprite Android Backup

With this application, all types and formats of data that is present on your phone and SD cards can be backed up along with successful restoration of the same in the event of any data loss that can be due to any reasons.

6. SMS Backup and Restore

This is specially designed to back up your SMS, with the choice to choose the SMS that you want to backup and eliminate the other useless data. It creates backup in XML format on SD cards, which can again be converted to any other file formats.

7. Backup to Gmail

This allows you to backup your SMS, MMS and call logs to Gmail labels along with option to store them on another android-based device. When you are configuring this application, make sure to enable IMAP and correct time zone to get better results.

8. UiA-Backup Contact

This is a cool application, which creates back up, of all your contacts but the sad feature is, it is not developed to restore them.

9. Astro File Manager

ASTRO stands for Android System for Tools, which is developed to convert all the hard functions to easy ones with features like file manager, image, backup and text viewers as well many other features this is also a best backup application.

10. McAfee Wave Secure

With facility to store all the data on mobiles to online servers and updating the same on periodic basis is the best thing keeps back up of all your data including video and images. Along with other security features bundled in the application this is necessary have backup application for android devices.

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