7 Effective Tips For Attracting High-Quality Leads

It’s not enough to have thousands of impressions daily; how many conversions does your marketing effort generate? If your conversion rate is low, say, one purchase for every 5,000...
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It’s not enough to have thousands of impressions daily; how many conversions does your marketing effort generate? If your conversion rate is low, say, one purchase for every 5,000 impressions or clicks, then it’s pretty low.

One of the reasons for the low conversion rate amid high impressions is that you’re not targeting your ads to quality leads.

A high-quality lead is one who is interested in your product/service and has a high probability of buying. Low-quality leads might view your ads for the fun of it or just to acquire information and then keep it moving. The ad may not be relevant to them, like a doctor viewing an accounting software product.

To not waste effort in your marketing campaign, you must acquire more quality leads into your sales funnel. But how?

We’ve outlined seven effective tips for attracting high-quality leads below.


1. Structure Your Buyer Persona

To acquire high-quality leads, you must first determine your ideal customer. This involves specifying your ideal customer’s typical day, interests, job, age group, problems, and even the words they use.

By specifying your buyer persona, you can fine-tune your marketing content so well that it resonates with your ideal buyer. Not just any member of the broad audience, but someone who relates to the problem you mentioned and needs the solution you offer.

2. Use Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is any free resource you give out in exchange for the person’s email contacts. For example, if you are a copywriting tutor, you may give out a free eBook on how to start a copywriting business. To download, the person must input the email address where you’ll send the eBook.

Using lead magnets proves to be one of the most effective ways of targeting qualified leads because most of the contacts you get are people interested in what you do. This brings us to the next tip…

3. Build And Nurture Your Email Leads

After acquiring emails via your lead magnet, don’t stop there. Build a segmented email list out of it. Like in the preceding example, these individuals may be interested in learning to Copywrite but may have yet to decide to pay for a course. They may discard your free eBook after digesting all the information.

So you need to nurture this set of leads by sending compelling emails, telling them why taking the leap now is in their best interest.

This lead-generation technique is effective because your emails are targeted to the right audience.

4. Tailor Your Content Strategy

Establish a content strategy based on where your prospect is in the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, or decision.

In the awareness stage, your content may include free guides and how-tos. In the decision stage, your content should be more about pushing them to choose you above your competitors by offering things like free trials, coupons, etc.

This may not be the case in every niche and for every buyer persona, which is why working with a lead generation expert is sometimes advised. Of course, you need productive lead generation methods that will be customized and effective for your unique business.

5. Use Seo Tools In Your Keyword Strategy

To attract high-quality leads, you want to search for the words buyers use to find solutions to their problems. By weaving your content around these keywords, you may be found by users in need of your solution (your product/service), which translates to a higher probability of a purchase.

Here, you want to optimize your results by using keyword search tools like Google trends, Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, and BuzzSumo.

6. Engage Your Audience Correctly On Social Media

Your prospects are on social media. But the problem is, on what platform? If you have a highly visual business such as design or fashion, Instagram and Facebook are where you want to focus on. But if your company is B2B, you may find that Twitter and LinkedIn are the best platforms to use.

But don’t bore them. Engage your audience as a real, approachable person rather than spamming with marketing posts.

7. Do Local Marketing

Local marketing is crucial to generating qualified leads if your business is limited to a geographical area. It wouldn’t be nice if most of your website visitors are from New York, whereas you only serve Philadelphia. It would only lead to a high bounce rate.

Create a Google My Business profile so your business can be found on Google 3-pack and Maps when prospects search for you.

If you’re just starting out with digital marketing, you will likely make a ton of mistakes. You will also learn along the way, strategizing and re-strategizing until you cry, “Eureka!”

When in doubt, work with a lead gen expert. They can handle the burden of creating a proven and customized strategy so you can focus on your core business operations.

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