What is the Difference Between a Gaming Mouse and Any Other Mouse?

There is a lot of marketing material out there stating that, when it comes to buying a mouse for your PC, some models are better than others. The implication...
Gaming Mouse

There is a lot of marketing material out there stating that, when it comes to buying a mouse for your PC, some models are better than others. The implication is that your gaming setup is not complete without the latest gaming mouse. Any mouse can be a gaming mouse, but there are specific features that make them different, as shown below.



A major difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse is the DPI. The DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a measurement of a mouse’s sensitivity and the number of “points” the mouse can detect when moved one linear inch. A higher DPI means the mouse is more sensitive.

Higher DPI also means the smallest mouse movements will register when gaming which makes the mouse feel more responsive and accurate. This responsiveness and accuracy might not be necessary when browsing the web, but it makes a significant difference in gaming.

Weight and Ergonomics

The weight and ergonomics of a mouse do not matter much if your primary input is your keyboard. However, if you spend hours holding a mouse, its ergonomics and weight will make a huge difference. Both can be the difference between playing comfortably for several hours and feeling some strain on your wrist and hands after a few hours.

Gaming mice are curvier than other mice, and they typically weigh less. Gaming mouse manufacturers try to shave as much weight as possible from the mice while also ensuring they feel great in the hands. The Legion gaming mice are a great example of highly ergonomic and light gaming mice. There are numerous options available at Lenovo.com so gamers can choose the one that suits them best.

Customizable Buttons

A gaming mouse will typically have more buttons than a normal mouse. These buttons are used for keybindings where gamers map specific buttons to specific actions. Because of their proximity to your fingers and thumbs, these buttons are easier to reach while gaming and this can give you a competitive edge. While some mice rely on software that binds the buttons to specific actions in specific games, some come with buttons that can be bound to actions outside the game.


Some gaming mice give you many options to change how the laptop feels and performs. For example, some let you remove or add plates to change the mouse’s weight. Some will let you store the dongle inside the mouse or leave it out to change the weight. Some might let you add or remove grip pads at the bottom to influence how the mouse moves against a surface.


Normal mice typically come with an optical sensor while gaming mice come with laser sensors. Optical sensors have a much lower resolution than their laser counterparts, but the latter is much more sensitive.

A user might not notice the difference in accuracy, but it can make a difference in different settings. Additionally, one can adapt to the higher DPI and sensitivity because of the accuracy they afford mice with laser sensors.

Both gaming and other mice are built for specific use cases. While they are interchangeable, it is best to use each for its intended function to get the most out of it.

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